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How To Make An Easy DIY Cushion

If you have a simple plain seat, a chair or a bench, you’ll need some cushion to make it softer and enjoy hours of sitting. The easiest cushion to make is a braided one. You’ll need just some yarn of the colors you like. You may also use fabric stripes; just make braids of fabric or yarn. Attach all the braids to each other with some yarn or laces. Regulate the number of braids according to the size of the seat. Now put your cushion onto the seat or bench and enjoy sitting on a fluffy, comfortable chair!


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  1. Sheila @sZinteriors Says:

    This is awesome! I love it, and am seriously thinking about giving it a try! Off to Pinterest I go :-)

  2. Ruby Batcher Says:

    i didnt understand this as i wanted to make it. It did not make any sense to me whatsoever please could you put instructions on so that others could enjoy the comfort of this handmade product and ahve a go at making it their selves
    Thank you!

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