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40 Inspiring DIY Herb Gardens

Garden herb baskets (via housetohome)

If you love to cook you most likely can’t live without fresh herbs. You can buy them when you need them but it would be much better if you will always have them in pots near by. This way it’s much easier to mix them in small doses and add in all meals you’re cooking. Of course to have them on your kitchen or right outside your kitchen door you need to organize a thoughtful herb garden that also looks great. We’ve gathered for you a bunch of cool ideas that might inspire you to do that. Enjoy!

How To Grow Own Herbs In Old Cups (via housetohome)

Herbs And Vegetables In Modern Planters Of Different Heights (via bhg)

Herbs In DIY Chalkboard Pots (via shelterness)

Ultra-Modern Urban Herb Garden (via housetohome)

Container Herb Garden (via growing-herbs-at-home)

DIY Herbal Window Box (via bhg)

DIY Colorful Vertical Garden On A Fence (via shelterness)

DIY Herb Garden In A Basket (via givingplants)

Hanging garden herb baskets (via housetohome)

DIY Recycled Seed Pots from Newspapers and Magazines (via shelterness)

Container Herb Garden (via bhg)

Herb Garden On A Window (via roost-home)

Herbs growing on the wall in recycled containers (via ewainthegarden)

Back Door Herb Garden (via thevintagewren)

DIY Metal Balcony Herb Garden (via younghouselove)

How to Turn Coffee Tins into a Hanging Herb Garden (via curbly)

DIY Herb Garden Wreath (via beeskneesbungalow)

DIY Herb Garden Of An Old Wheelbarrow (via ewainthegarden)

DIY Flower Pot Herb Tower (via curbly)

Herb Garden With A Bentwood Trellis (via bhg)

Herb Garden In A Crate (via mlchgarden)

DIY Hanging Herb Garden (via home-dzine)

DIY Wooden Raised Bed With A Stencil (via housetohome)

Upcycled Container Herb Garden (via diynetwork)

Tea Set Herb Garden (via diynetwork)

DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden (via camillestyles)

Hanging Basket Herb Garden (via telegraph)

Hanging Trellis Herb Garden (via apartmenttherapy)

Terraced Herb Garden (via apartmenttherapy)

DIY Small Space Vertical Garden Of A Pallet (via shelterness)

Herb Garden Display Stand (via housetohome)

DIY Hanging Gutter Herb Garden (via shelterness)

Herb Garden In Buckets (via housetohome)

Herb Garden In Cute Buckets (via urbangardencasual)

Cute DIY Vertical Garden Of A Wood Pallet (via shelterness)

Cute Little Indoor Herb Garden (via delicooks)

Garden Workbench Herb Garden (via housetohome)

Pretty DIY Herb Garden (via housetohome)

Easy To Make Stylish Herb Garden (via housetohome)


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  1. Heather Bell Says:

    Some very beautiful ideas at the perfect time – some of these ideas will be seen in my garden soon!

    Thank you!

  2. Masha Says:

    Какая чудесная подборка!

  3. Jackie Says:

    Love-Love-Love these ideas! Will try very soon

  4. Margoth Schmidt Says:

    I love to garden It’s my best therapy to release stress.
    I am proud to say I have a rosemarie little bush, tomatoes and three beautiful and healthy tangerine, grapfruit and lemon trees.

  5. rasham Says:

    ideas are great and exotic. simply awesome

  6. Amy Lee Says:

    You have done a brilliant job!
    I have just started my little herb Garden, and I also want to create a sky garden and wall garden decoration, what a wonderful picture that’s all I am looking for. I enjoy your idea very much! Thank You! Love Amy

  7. lina hernandezLina Hernandez Says:

    I cant wait for spri ng, to try these ideas. Im so excited! God’s loveliness in pots.

  8. tess duterte legaspi Says:

    amazing !!! great ideas.

  9. Lauren @momhomeguide Says:

    I love the vertical planter ideas — a vertical planter would be a great way to keep the critters out of my herbs!

  10. Kathy Woodard Says:

    So many great ideas for herb gardening! Here is great article on the different herbs that you can grow in containers – http://www.thegardenglove.com/10-herbs-you-can-grow-in-containers/

  11. Helen Says:

    Wonderful!! Thanks for the inspirations!

  12. Dorthy Roby Says:

    I’m try to grow herbs for my family. We’re trying to eat better and cut down on doctor bill. Don’t know if it will help but a veggie garden is next. Thank you for your help. Dot

  13. madisnana2013 Says:

    Hi im new at this site. But want to see how to make the pot wreath. I can’t figure out how to find the directions. Can u please help ? Thank u

  14. Eleanor Says:

    i am interested in vertical garden ,I was very glad if you could provide size and price on the establishment and care of vertical garden.
    I would appreciate it if you can reply to me as soon as possible.

  15. Mamta Says:

    Great DIY Ideas for gardening!

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