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8 Cool Wine Crates Crafts

Wine crates are an amazing material for any crafts! They give a vintage touch to anything, especially stained. There’s a plenty of ideas how to use them – a coffee table, a seed box, a planter, a wine rack, a bathroom shelf, a cupboard and many others. Have a look at these ideas – I think the first piece that’s worth... More

Awesome DIY Wine Crates Table

Materials for your DIY may be very different but these wine crates are an unusual idea. What can you make of them? A cool vintage coffee table! Can’t believe it? Have a look at the supplies: 4 wooden crates, 4 casters, images, vinegar, steel wool and brewed tea, a variety of screws, nails, L brackets, and bolts, satin... More

10 DIY Reclaimed Coffee Tables That Inspire

Reclaimed wood is good not only for dining tables but for coffee tables too. Besides, these tables are usually smaller so they are easy and cheaper to make. You can also be really creative with their design and use not only reclaimed beam s but also reclaimed wooden doors, pallets and fence planks. Here are 10 cool ideas how... More

DIY Concrete Coffee Table – Cool IKEA Hack

If you love rough beauty of concrete then you definitely should make this cool coffee table. It won’t take you more than a weekend but you’ll get something really cool to put in your living room. The coffee table is based on IKEA’s Klubbo coffee table but its tabletop is made of 50 kg of dry cement. To finish... More

Simple DIY Coffee Table In Scandinavian Style

Once again I’ve found the prouf that IKEA not only sells great furniture but also sells great things for DIY furniture projects. Here is a coffee table made from white IKEA’s Vika LERBERG table legs and a wooden board. The combination of natural wood and white surfaces is so... More

DIY Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table

Hairpin legs are really cool to use in DIY projects. They make any table or desk you make looks like it was made in mid-20th century. For example, here is a DIY coffee table made of a sheet of polar wood, a can of stain and a set of hairpin legs. The project is really simple, because all you need to do is to screw the legs to... More

DIY Natural Mobile Coffee Table

The idea of DIY side tables of wood logs isn’t new. Although this simple yet practical realization of this idea caught my attention. All you need to know is how to use a chainsaw. If you do, just find a large enough wood log, cut it to the size you what, clean it and using a screwdriver attach a set of wheels.... More

DIY Coffee Table Of A Wood Plank And Hairpin Metal Legs

This simple DIY coffee table can easily become a gem of your living room. The cool thing about it is that you don’t even need to do much. Just buy an old growth hardwood plank and metal hairpin legs and simply screw legs into each corner of the plank. You’ll get a perfect coffee table with lots of... More

DIY Trendy Mirror Coffee Table

If you already made this glamourous dresser probably you want to make a coffee table that will looks great with it. Even if you don’t a mirror coffee table could become a fashionable addition to any living room. Such tables are quite expensive so such DIY project is very reasonable. For the project you’ll need... More

DIY Chalkboard Coffee Table You Can Play Chess On

Any kid would be happy to have a chalkboard table. Although such table could be an awesome solution for you too. A chalkboard coffee table would give you many possibilities including writing notes, playing games and even sketching. The process of making such table isn’t hard at all. You need some old table with a good... More