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DIY Peppermint Candy Tree Skirt

Wanna hide the base of the Christmas tree? A tree skirt is a great idea! To make this peppermint one you’ll need heavy canvas fabric, scissors, a sewing machine + white thread, red fabric paint, masking tape + paint brush, festive trim, a glue gun, white ribbon. Draw a huge circle onto heavy canvas fabric and cut it out. Use... More

18 Awesome Christmas Tree Skirts To Make

A tree skirt is a necessary thing because masking the base of your tree is essential to add to the festive spirit and not spoil the décor on the whole. You can make a skirt of different materials – of paper, cardboard, fabric and so on. If you are good at sewing, choose fabric and make a pretty skirt – colorful or not,... More

12 Adorable DIY Advent Christmas Trees

An advent calendar is no big deal – many of us make such things for home. But an advent tree is an original idea! You can make one of wood, cardboard, felt, cranberry branches and many other things – even books! Such an idea is unique and if you have kids – they’ll be excited! If you don’t have much space, make a wall... More

DIY Bottle Cap Christmas Tree

There are thousands of alternative Christmas trees in case you don’t have much space, money or time to decorate a classical tree. Let’s make a recycled Christmas tree of bottle caps. The supplies are bottle caps in all sizes, paint, rhinestones, ribbon, marker, hot glue gun, white card stock. Collect your bottle caps and... More

Original DIY Origami Paper Stars For Christmas Decor

Origami is an ancient art type from Japan, the art of folding paper. Let’s make some origami stars to decorate our houses for Christmas as a star is a traditional symbol of Christmas but in an origami variant it’s very original. You’ll need origami paper (10×10 cm / 4 inches) and crafty hands. Fold the paper in half... More

DIY Christmas Tree Of Books

Christmas tree alternatives are endless, and here’s one more idea for book lovers, for those who are obsessed with books and old book stores.  You’ll need about 80 or more books – depending on the tree size that you want – and LED lights. All you need to do is just to arrange them in the shape of a tree; put big and... More

DIY Washitape Christmas Tree

There are many Christmas tree alternatives in case you don’t have enough space, time for a traditional one, or just in case you want something more original than a usual tree. You can make one of paper, of cardboard, of wood and even drums! For this tree alternative you won’t need much:  some washitape and that’s it!... More

DIY Snowy Decor For Your Christmas Tree

If you have a usual artificial Christmas tree and want to give it a cool winter look, icy and snowy, here’s an idea.  You’ll need some glitter, some white paint – even your usual paint that remained after painting your walls and brushes. Brush on the white paint lightly by bouncing the paintbrush vertically on the tree.... More

DIY Pom Pom Ribbon Christmas Tree

There are many alternatives to a usual Christmas tree, and this is one more great and simple idea. The supplies are 3 yards of each pom pom trim in red, aqua, and apple green – all in 10 mm, a piece of white 12×12″ card stock, a glue gun. Take your 12×12 card stock and make a cone. Tie a string around a pencil, hold the... More

24 Awesome DIY Christmas Tree Balls To Make Your Tree Unique

A month and a half is left before Christmas and it’s high time to think over your home décor, table design and Christmas tree decorations, of course. Christmas tree is one of the main pieces in your home, your closest people and the guests will pay much attention to it, so you need to make it unique, attracting attention and... More

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