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15 Really Cool DIY iPad Covers And Cases

Diy Ipad Cover Sewed From Fabric Scraps

DIY Ipad Cover Sewed From Fabric Scraps

Yesterday I showed you some impressive DIY Kindle cases and covers and now I want to show some cool DIY covers and cases for iPads. Even though devices are pretty much the same and most of all these covers are universal, people that make them are different. That’s why the covers are different too. In case you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a cute and stylish iPad cover check out these tutorials and make one by yourself.

  1. DIY iPad Cover Sewed From Fabric Scraps from fussycut
  2. DIY iPad Case From A Composition Notebook from lilblueboo
  3. DIY 30-Minute iPad Case from oopseydaisyblog
  4. Cute DIY iPad Cover from sewcraftcreate
  5. DIY Fabric iPad Cover from oneshabbychick
  6. DIY iPad Bag From IKEA Fabrics from dosfamily
  7. DIY iPad Book Case from blueeyedyonder
  8. DIY iPad Case From IKEA Chair Pads
  9. DIY iPad Slipcase With Pocket from mypatchwork
  10. DIY Moleskine iPad Case from themoderndaypirates
  11. DIY No Sew Felt iPad Case from creativedish
  12. DIY Padded iPad Case from polkadotchair
  13. DIY Rollable iPad Case from instructables
  14. DIY Sewed iPad Sleeve from designsponge
  15. DIY Scrappy Felt iPad Cover from mypoppet
Diy Ipad Case From A Composition Notebook

DIY Ipad Case From A Composition Notebook

Diy 30 Minute Ipad Case

DIY 30-Minute Ipad Case

Diy Cute Ipad Cover

Cute DIY Ipad Cover

Diy Fabric Ipad Cover

DIY Fabric Ipad Cover

Diy Ipad Bag From Ikea Fabrics

DIY Ipad Bag From Ikea Fabrics

Diy Ipad Book Case

DIY iPad Book Case

Diy Ipad Slipcase With Pocket

DIY iPad Slipcase With Pocket

Diy Moleskine Ipad Case

DIY Moleskine iPad Case

Diy No Sew Felt Ipad Case

DIY No Sew Felt iPad Case

Diy Padded Ipad Case

DIY Padded iPad Case

Diy Rollable Ipad Case

DIY Rollable iPad Case

DIY Sewed iPad Sleeve

DIY Sewed iPad Sleeve

Diy Scrappy Felt Ipad Cover

DIY Scrappy Felt iPad Cover


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