13 Charming Bohemian Jewelry Craft Ideas

bohemian chain headpiece

bohemian chain headpiece (via allthegoodgirlsgotoheaven)

Boho chic is the coolest! Bohemian pieces look awesome and very feminine, especially jewelry, that’s why today we’ll look at some boho jewelry tutorials. Boho chic is, first of all, beautiful head crowns and headpieces. Take a chain, add charms or a faux butterfly and you’ve got a great accessory for any boho-styled outfit. Enjoy feathers! Feathers are very up-to-date, you can take some, glitter them and make earrings or a necklace of them and be cool.  Rhinestones are fantastic for special occasions – make a luxurious rhinestone bracelet for your wedding or a school ball and you’ll attract attention! Below you’ll find some more ideas to enjoy.

summer amethyst earrings

summer amethyst earrings (via shelterness)

bohemian twist yarn necklace

bohemian twist yarn necklace (via thismamamakesstuff)

gold dipped earrings

gold dipped earrings (via shelterness)

pearl crown headpiece

pearl crown headpiece (via abirdsleap)

boho rhinestone bracelet

boho rhinestone bracelet (via weddingomania)

beaded applique headpiece

beaded applique headpiece (via shinetrimny)

gilded ball drop earrings

gilded ball drop earrings (via shelterness)

feather earrings

feather earrings (via theplumednest)

bohemian styled belt

bohemian styled belt (via pm-betweenthelines)

easy bohemian jewelry

easy bohemian jewelry (via momspark)

colorful boho jewelry

colorful boho jewelry (via markmontanoblogs)

blue feather necklace

blue feather necklace (via karboojeh)

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