DIY Simple Cupcake Stands

Diy Cupcake Stand

Cake stands are perfect to emphasizes all these yummies that you prepared for a gathering with friends. They are simple to make so there are many ways to do that. You can make them tiered, colorful or just cute.

To make on of the cupcake stands from the pictures you’ll need a tin tray, a candlestick, epoxy that can be used on metal and wood, spray primer, and enamel spray paint in the color of your choice.


Fix together the centre of the bottom side of your tin tray and the top of your candlestick using epoxy. After that, coat the tray and candlestick completely with spray primer and let them dry. Next, spray your cake stand with enamel paint and allow it to dry. Now you’re ready to add some delicious yummies to your new stand and put it on a table.

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Diy Cupcake Stand
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