The Best Decorating Ideas For Your Home of August 2016

In August 2016, we’ve shown you a lot of cool stuff. Here we want to highlight the best and the most interesting decorating ideas among them.

  1. Pool parties are incredibly popular for the summer. Here are some gorgeous ideas to decorate your poolside for a party.
  2. Everyone has a front porch but do you also have a back one? A back porch can fulfill different functions and can be just roofed or fully screened. Let’s have a look at various ideas.
  3. Pantries are the best place to store food and various kitchen supplies, especially if you have enough space. Here are some ideas to organize your food using various containers and caddies there.
  4. Prepare the study space of your teen kids for the coming school year, and here are some ideas to organize.
  5. If you are BBQ fans and throw such parties nearly every weekend, you definitely need an outdoor kitchen or at least well-organized grill area. Here are some ideas to help you protect it during rainy days.