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Wood Wrapped 1920s Bungalow’s Interior Design

Here is an amazing interior of a renovated 1920s bungalow that recently was featured on Apartment Therapy. Almost every surface here is covered with repurposed wood. Stairs, a kitchen island, doors, walls, ceilings and a lot of other things are all covered with wood scraps. I already showed you how to decorate walls with natural wood and how to make art using wood strips but this interior is the whole new level in such decorating. This incredibly smart space is full of creative solutions and money saving ideas. Besides it looks comfy and even stylish and that’s really important. Check out other pictures on AT.


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  1. Sharon Lonebear Says:

    Good Day:
    This last bed just makes me want to crawl in.
    It looks Wonderful & Cozy,Great idea…Thank You

  2. sam kelly Says:

    This wood house is very interesting and if u allow us to see the whole picture outside the house and plan .. id wish i could have a simple and unique house like this.. thank u

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