The Best Decorating Ideas For Your Home of August 2022

In August 2022, we’ve shown you a lot of cool stuff. Here we want to highlight the best and the most interesting decorating ideas among them.

  • Wood slat accent walls or just walls are a great idea for a contemporary, minimalist or mid-century modern interior. Here are ideas to design such a wall.
  • Ceilings are usually very neutral and match the walls but if you wanna add an unexpected accent to your interior. Wallpaper ceilings can bring unique patterns and layers to an interior.

  • A sunroom is a gorgeous place to stay indoor-outdoor. Even if you don’t have enough space for a large sunroom, organize a small one at least, and here are some ideas to do that.
  • We’ve gathered the coolest mini gallery walls to go for! How to design one, what artwork to choose and many other things will be stated in this article.
  • Garden paths are no less important than any other garden décor and styling. Pebble paths are a great option for a garden design close to nature, and pebbles are a fantastic idea!