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How To Turn An Old Chair Into A Colorful Rocker

You can easily change an old chair into a colorful rocking one! Such a chair will help you to make an  accent not only in your living room but also in the kids’ room. To do that you’ll need a chair, two solid wood boards, a bucket of acrylic paint, four screws, a jigsaw, a drill, a pencil, paper and some tools. Draw the... More

DIY Driftwood Wall Hanger

We’ve already told you of some cool driftwood crafts, and here’s one more idea to use it – a driftwood wall hanger! The supplies are a piece of drift or reclaimed wood, coat hooks, a screw driver, spray paint, blue painters tape, 2-3 screw eye hooks, screws. Tape of a portion of the drift wood with the tape, making sure... More

8 DIY IKEA Bar Cart Hacks To Get Inspired

IKEA is the coolest place in case you are looking for some simple furniture to refashion with your creativity and imagination. Today we’ll see how to refashion a bar cart to make it original and cheerful. The easiest way to change a basic cart you’ve bought is to spray paint it with the colors you prefer, just choose the... More

Industrial DIY Copper And Concrete Clothes Rack

Industrial design pieces are gaining popularity and almost every designer wants to shows his or her talent in making such things. Today we offer you to feel a designer yourself and create a copper concrete clothes rack. The supplies are 3 copper pipes, 18mm, 2x 1.25m or 1x 1m, 2 copper pipe fittings, 18mm, concrete mix, plastic... More

Industrial Chic: 13 Awesome DIY Concrete Furniture Pieces For Your Home

Concrete is a fantastic material because it’s simple, durable and looks minimalist, plus you can give it any shape or color you like. Concrete furniture is not only a piece of industrial chic for inside but also a perfect variant for outside thanks to its durability and stability. Not only concrete planters are great but also... More

10 Simple DIY Outdoor Beds

In summertime it’s such great pleasure to relax in the garden or patio and enjoy summer air, sunlight and birds singing in the trees. For that you’ll need some pretty outdoor furniture, so why not make it? Create a comfortable outdoor bed, no matter, a swing one or a usual one, of some old piece of furniture or just of some... More

10 Pretty DIY Outdoor Furniture Pieces To Enliven Your Patio

If you like to spend time outdoors, in your patio and garden, make some cool furniture for outdoors to make your time there more pleasant. A table and a chair are necessary for each patio to enjoy some meal, why not make a pair of a boxspring? An ottoman or a paper would be a great company for some hammock or a daybed – and... More

24 Comfortable DIY Poufs And Ottomans

You may easily make a pouf or an ottoman that will accent your interior and it’s a very functional piece as you may sit on it, put your feet, it may serve as a chair for your kid or a bed for your pet.  Choose colors that combine well and the design you want – a Moroccan pouf, a zebra pouf for your kid, or an ottoman of a... More

DIY Pretty Vintage Stools

Vintage things are so fashionable and that’s why they are expensive. But you can make one yourself. To make a vintage stool you’ll need one or more stools with flat wooden tops, paint if you wish, sticky back plastic or wallpaper, mod podge, vintage or self-printed decals. For the top, you can use either sticky back plastic... More

All-In-One Furniture Set For Small Spaces

Matroshka Furniture Set

Matroshka Furniture is a Sweden company that develop new multifunctional furniture. Matroshka is a popular Russian set of wooden dolls placed inside each other. This all-in-one furniture set is inspired by famous dolls. A four square meter item of furniture houses a study, living room, bedroom and dining room. Four rooms in one... More