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DIY Kitchen Bookshelf With Shutter Doors

The DIY kitchen bookshelf has sides that are created from one set of bifold “shutter” doors, and the shelves are made from a half of a set of a bifold regular door. Once you have the width of your space, you are going to build a base structure for the top by simply building a box, totaling the total width plus the thickness... More

9 Awesome DIY IKEA Kura Bed Makeovers To Excite Your Kids

IKEA Kura bed is a cool piece for kids’ rooms, it’s a bunk bed ideal for shared rooms, recommended for the kids of 6 years and older. Its simple design gives freedom for your creativity, so it’s time to hack it! Kura can be decorated, hacked and turned in almost anything: a firetruck, a castle, a real shelter for your... More

DIY Aztec Printed Nightstand Makeover

This old nightstand was a huge mess before it was renovated by deliciousanddiy.com. First, it was sanded, then spray painted with chalky finish paint in white. Here there are two coats applied but you can go for as many as you need. The most difficult part is applying a pattern to the nightstand. Do the trace out with a pencil... More

8 Awesome And Original DIY IKEA Hemnes Dresser Hacks

Hemnes is one more awesome piece from IKEA, and as always – it’s kind of a blank sheet of paper, perfect ready for your painting and creating. Look at your interior and decide what style you need, then take spray or usual paints, paintbrushes if needed, sandpaper and maybe new knobs or pulls. Sand the dresser and start... More

17 Creative DIY IKEA Malm Dresser Renovations

Malm dresser by IKEA really stimulates your imagination! A blank dresser can be renovated into something so personal and original that you won’t take your eyes off! Remember all the crafting techniques and get all materials to change your dresser into a super peculiar one. Paint it, take away some of the drawers, stencil, add... More

Simple DIY Sofa Caddie From Wooden Planks

Remember we told you about sofa caddies and holders? This is one more project to that list, and I’m sure you’ll love it! Prepare some wood: a wooden top, two 70 cm planks, two 30 cm planks and two 34 cm planks. Now take these planks and just attach them to each other at an angle using screws or nails. As the caddy isn’t... More

DIY Mid-Century Modern Side Chair

Mid-century modern style is very popular now, and if you want to follow this trend and make something, we offer this chair from designsbystudioc.com. You’ll need 1-1/4″ pocket hole screws, 2-1/2″ pocket hole screws, 1-1/4″ brad nails, T-bevel, wood glue, sandpaper, finishing supplies and lumber. Cut the pieces for the... More

Cute And Pretty DIY Mini Picnic Tables

If you love picnics, raise your hand! Make these cool little tables from lovelyindeed.com to enjoy your picnics more! Prepare 1 1/2″ poplar hobby wood piece, wood glue, a saw, a drill, four small hinges, wood stain, paint of your choice, paintbrushes and painter’s tape. Cut 16 pieces of the hobby wood, each 12″ long. Cut... More

Cozy DIY Wood Plank Loveseat With Free Plans

Need a pretty loveseat for indoors and outdoors? Have a look at this tutorial from rogueengineer.com and read the full tools and materials list in the source, and let’s get started. Drill pocket holes and assemble sides using 2-1/2’’ pocket screws, then pre-drill and install arm using 2-1/2’’ wood screws. Drill pocket... More

Fast DIY IKEA Hack: Copper End Table

Got a tray you don’t need? Here’s an amazing idea to use it from poppytalk.com! Prepare a round melamine tray, a vintage or new folding camping stool, spray paint, newspaper, velcro with sticky back. Just place a clean dry tray face up on some newspaper, and start to spray to cover the original design on the tray. Let dry... More

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