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7 Christmas Interiors From Different Countries

Here are 7 interiors that shows how different home can be decorated in various countries for Christmas. Christmas is a wonderful season as in Sweden or Italy as in Canada or on Bali. Enjoy this beauty and make your home looks fabulous next... More

5 Creative Chalkboard Christmas Trees

A chalkboard Christmas tree is one more practical idea for those who don’t have room for a real tree. The cool thing about such tree is that it always would be unique because all ornaments and decorations on it would be painted by your family. One more cool thing is that you can as buy a pre-made chalkboard Christmas tree... More

10 Cute Cone-Shaped Christmas Trees

Small cone-shaped Christmas trees could become nice Christmas decorations besides your main Christmas tree. They could welcome guests near in the hallway, be part of Christmas table decorations, and even make a coffee table or a mantel more beautiful. They looks nice with each other so you even can create a composition of them.... More

5 Original Wall Christmas Trees

Christmas is so soon and most people already have decorated their Christmas trees. Although there might be still some people who haven’t done that because they don’t have free space for a real tree. Here are some more creative ideas for such people to make one of their walls looks like a Christmas tree.... More

DIY Floral Christmas Star

Christmas Wreath/Centerpiece/Gift

This Christmas star is a perfect crafts project for Holidays season. It can decorate any of your rooms as a Christmas wreath, become a centerpiece of your Christmas table or become a gift to your friends. In tutorial we will make the purple star but you can easily chose flowers and ball ornaments of any other color you... More

5 DIY Wall-Mount Christmas Trees of Small Objects

Christmas is the favorite holiday in many houses. Many people decorate Christmas trees if they have space for them. Although when there isn’t enough space or when you can just want to have an additional Christmas tree – you can make one. A wall-mount Christmass tree made of small objects isn’t hard to make but... More

25 Beautiful Christmas Tree Decorating Inspirations

According to an ancient legend, fir has become a symbol of Christmas because of the heavenly powers. Nowadays most people try their decorating skills on firs before Chrsitmas. Most people around the world have already decorated their Christmas trees. Although if you aren’t here are some decorating inspirations for... More

25 Small Yet Gorgeous Christmas Trees

We all want to have gorgeous Christmas trees in our homes. Although some of us think it isn’t possible because such trees are usually quite big. We can tell you for sure that even a small Christmas tree can be decorated to look gorgeous and impressive. Mini Christmas trees could be placed almost everywhere. All tables, a... More

7 Cool DIY Christmas Tree Alternatives

There are plenty of different artificial Christmas trees nowadays and they are considered as modern Christmas tree alternatives by many people. Some of them looks really good and occupies less space than real ones but they usually are quite expensive. The cool thing is that with proper inspiration you can make the Christmas... More

DIY Felt Christmas Tree Pins

Christmas Tree pins on people’s winter coats is a quite fun tradition. It helps other people to feel the Christmas spirit and high up their mood. Besides such pins are very easy to make. 100% wool felt is a perfect material to use. The 8-inch x 12-inch piece is more than enough to make one pin. Colors choice depends only... More

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