5 Creative Chalkboard Christmas Trees

Chalkboard Christmas Tree

A chalkboard Christmas tree is one more practical idea for those who don’t have room for a real tree. The cool thing about such tree is that it always would be unique because all ornaments and decorations on it would be painted by your family. One more cool thing is that you can as buy a pre-made chalkboard Christmas tree as make one by yourself. With all of the colors of chalkboard paint you can customize the tree’s color to much your decor. Here are some examples that might inspire you:

  1. Modern DIY Chalkboard Christmas Tree via H&H
  2. A tree made out of chalk via hiddeninfrance
  3. Set of 2 Chalkboard Christmas Trees by sharneldollardesigns
  4. Chalkboard Christmas tree via hindsightstring
  5. Christmas Tree Chalk Board Wall Decal Sticker by WilsonGraphics


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Chalkboard Christmas Tree
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Chalkboard Christmas Tree
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Chalkboard Christmas Tree
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Chalkboard Christmas Tree