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5 Beautifully Painted DIY Ceilings

Painting a ceiling is not that difficult, and almost every person can do it but what if you want to make a statement or an accent with it, then you’ll need something more original. We’ve already told you how to cover a ceiling with wood or stencil it, not it’s time to talk about originally painted ceilings. Metallic... More

How To Cover A Ceiling With Wood: 7 DIYs

If you are not a fan of painting or stencils, if you want to give your space a rustic touch, a ceiling covered with wood is for you! Actually, you need some wood-working skills for that but you can also ask somebody who is able to do that. Take some measurements of your ceiling, decide on the wooden planks you’ll take and... More

6 Awesome DIY Stenciled Ceilings

A nice idea to renovate a ceiling is to paint it with a stencil, an easy and cool idea. It’s rather simple to make yourself, so we’ve gathered several tutorials with various stencils for you to do that. A stencil may make your room look more elegant, chic, it’s a cool idea for a kids’ room – something like stars or... More

6 DIY Coffered Ceiling Projects

A coffered ceiling looks rustic and vintage, you needn’t live in an old house to have one or hire a designer to do that. You can easily make such a ceiling yourself reading the following tutorials. The main things to do is to decide on what coffers you want to have, where and what size. Then just take the measurements and... More

8 Cool DIY Ceiling Fan Makeovers

Many of us have ceiling fans at home but an ordinary ceiling fan looks boring and often spoils the interior. How can you decorate it to make it cool? The easiest idea is to spray paint it or just paint with a brush – cheap, simple and quick. What about decorating the fan with some patterns using pain? A polka dot fan, for... More

How To Make Faux Ceiling Beams: 5 Cool DIYs

Ceiling beams are one of the hottest trends today because they are suitable for many styles and spaces and give a room a cool rustic feel. You needn’t hire a designer to build ones in your home because you can do that yourself! To make ones you’ll need some wood you like and some wood-working skills. So, choose the wood you... More

7 Cool And Easy DIY Ceiling Medallions

A ceiling medallion is a necessary thing to hide a part of ceiling around the amp or chandelier where there are cords. Let’s see what medallions you can make and attach. You can us e a piece of plywood, a large picture frame, some stencil to decorate, paper or even mirror pieces. Choose a medallion according to the style of... More

45 Cool Ideas To Decorate Your Ceilings With Stripes

We already showed you how cool could be rooms with walls covered with stripes. Stipes on ceiling could be even more cool although you should be careful with such decor. You should understand how well your room will handle them. Choosing wallpapers with stripes or painting ceiling this way won’t fit any room. That’s... More

13 Cool Ideas To Make Your Ceilings Metallic And Shiny

Yesterday, we’ve showed you a bunch of cool interiors with metallic walls so today we’ve gathered a bunch of cool interiors with metallic ceilings. As with walls such ceilings looks great in modern interiors and can be made as using special wallpapers and paints as with simple foil. Enjoy these examples and tell us... More

25 Cool Ceiling Molding And Trim Ideas

Moldings are probably the most original decorations you can use to spice up your ceilings. They can be made of many materials and feature very original designs so it’s easy to make your ceilings unique. They can be used as for classic as for modern interiors. Ceiling moldings can be made by hand but there are also plenty... More

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