Funny DIY Piggybank For Your Kids

Make your kid happy with this funny piggybank! It’s soft, pretty and easy to take the money out. The supplies are flannel, PVC pipe, cotton, ribbon, scissors, needle & thread, a handsaw. Cut out some shapes of felt for your piggy. Cut a horizontal hole wide enough for your largest and thickest coin to go through on your PVC pipe, sew two body parts and add some filling into the legs to stand; and coverthe pipe with these parts.  Cut out and sew together the ear parts. Get the soft pink eclipse felt and give it some nostril lines, then stitch the long side of the rectangle to the outer line of the eclipse. Get one of the big circles and stitch the smiling pair of eyes. Join the face and the ears to another big circle, add some filling in between and lastly join the whole head to the body. Add your zipper and stitch; cut a small piece of rectangle, fold it in half and stitch it, fill it with some cotton and twirl it – that’s piggy’s tail. The 3rd big circle is connected to the other side of the zipper and the last big circle will have the tail freely hanging on it. Voila, your piglet is ready!

Source: onelmon

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