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Cool Kids’ DIY Pencil Holder

A cool pencil holder for your kid using just a usual jar? It’s simple! You’ll need a jar, yellow acrylic paint, a black permanent marker and some imagination. Remove the label from the jar and wash it. Pour some paint inside and spin it till the inside is covered with a layer of paint, pour the excessive paint. Let dry and draw a funny face outside with a black permanent marker. Let dry and make your child happy with this simple piece – or you can make it together. You may create a whole collection of such pencil holders of different jar sizes and with various aces.

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  1. Kelsey Says:

    How cute are these?! I have made snowmen out of old baby food jars before, but they are the perfect shape for these lego heads!

  2. evhobim Says:

    Perfect lego face

  3. Dina@4LettreWords Says:

    Love, love, love!

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