Cool DIY Ombre Tile Coasters

Cool ombre coasters to protect your table? Easily! The supplies are ceramic tiles, Mod Podge, felt and tissue paper. Cut your tissue into 4 squares at least 5” in size. Coat your tile with Mod Podge and then apply the first square centered on the tile. Cover with another layer of Mod Podge by starting in the center and moving to the outside to smooth away all the wrinkles. Apply the 2nd piece of tissue and cover with Mod Podge. Add a 3rd layer starting at the halfway point in the tile and cover with another layer of Mod Podge; let dry and do the same once again. Give the Mod Podge time to dry completely and then trim away the excess paper with a pair of sharp scissors. To protect the bottom of your coaster and your table, trace and cut out a square of felt. Attach it to the tile with a thin, even coat of glue or Mod Podge! Let dry and enjoy!

Source: whimseybox

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