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25 Ideas To Decorate Kids Room With Birds

Birds is a good theme for a kids room. There are many ways to do that. You can use wallpapers, vinyl wall stickers, furniture, fabrics and bedding sets that feature birds in one way or another. In any case you can achieve a very interesting look of the kids room that your child will definitely... More

45 Cool Kids Car Beds

Nowadays on the market you can find a lot of different furniture and decor elements especially for a kids room. Among the coolest items are car-shaped beds. Such bed is a dream for any boy and those that looks like carriage can be useful for a girls room too. You can easily find beds that shaped like racing cars, jeeps, trains,... More

27 Cool Kids Room Decor Ideas That You Can Do By Yourself

There are a lot of cool decor items for kids rooms you can buy in stores. Although if you’re creative enough and have a good source inspiration like this gallery you can make them by yourself. You can also upgrade your standard furniture to be better fit to the kids room. Thanks to that you can save some money and make... More

5 Flag Themed Kids Bedrooms To Inspire You

Here is one more interesting theme for a boys and probably even girls bedroom – flags. If you’re patriotic enough you definitely will like this theme. It shares color theme of many navy and sport bedrooms. Red, white and blue colors are perfect for kids rooms although if you flag has other colors on it they probably... More

23 Ideas To Decorate Girls Room With Butterflies

With butterflies you can decorate any room. Although they are especially cool decoration for a girls room. Walls, furniture, bedding, curtains, pillows and many other things can be decorated with them. Check out the whole gallery and you’ll get some... More

5 Sport Themed Boys Bedrooms To Inspire You

If your son isn’t a fan of nautica theme then it probably like sports. If so then you can make his bedroom sport-themed. There are a lot of options here. You can find bedding sets, curtains and other decor items inspired by football, soccer, baseball, basketball and some other sports. Besides if your kid like one of them... More

5 Navy-Themed Boys Bedrooms To Inspire You

Nautical theme is great for boys bedrooms. The combination of blue, red and white colors looks harmonic and very well balanced. Boats, steering-wheels, pirates, life buoys and all other related to navy things can make every boy happy. Besides there are plenty of products on the market that can make you design a bedroom in this... More

21 Cute Young Girls Room Designs

When your daughter grows you should find some time to transform her nursery into a bedroom. You should throw away everything that was there. You can use some things to make the new room look cute and neat. Although the whole room should look more suitable for the young girl. A new bed, several mirrors, additional storage, a... More

5 Room Designs For Two Girls And Their Layouts

In case you’re designing a room for two girls instead of two boys you should make it much more gentle and cute. We gathered for you some rooms for two girls between 11 and 16 square meters. We hope you can get some ideas for layout, colors and decor of your own room for two girls. Enjoy!12.9 Square Meter Room For Two... More

5 Room Designs For Two Boys And Their Layouts

We already showed you interesting room designs for two kids and now it’s time to be more specific. Here are 5 cool rooms for two boys with their layouts. You can get some insipration for furnishing and decorating such room. Their size ranges from 9 to 25 square meters so you should find layout that is similar to... More

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