10 Functional DIY Chalkboard Calendars

simple chalkboard calendar

simple chalkboard calendar (via dreamgreendiy)

We continue telling you of pretty chalkboard pieces that you can easily make, we started from tableware and labels, and not it’s time for calendars! Yes, even calendars can be easily made chalkboard. Why chalkboard? Because you can easily make some notes, draw smiles and write down some memos, ideas and so on. You may make a very big piece or a smaller one, even a vintage calendar! Choose a shape, your style and start painting the calendar with chalkboard paint, here you’ll find how to make it. Below you’ll find some cool tutorials how to make various calendars, so get inspired!

chalkboard board calendar

chalkboard board calendar (via psastampcamp)

birthday calendar

birthday calendar (via thinkingcloset)

chalkboard canvas calendar

chalkboard canvas calendar (via seamlessdays)

wooden chalkboard calendar

wooden chalkboard calendar (via thistlewoodfarms)

chalkboard gratitude calendar

chalkboard gratitude calendar (via craftsunleashed)

chalkboard wall calendar

chalkboard wall calendar (via momtastic)

framed chalkboard calendar

framed chalkboard calendar (via iheartorganizing)

pinterest chalkboard calendar

pinterest chalkboard calendar (via ourfifthhouse)

canvas framed tutorial

canvas framed tutorial (via mitchelltomorgan)

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