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7 Fun And Inspiring DIY Star Wars Crafts For Home Décor

Waiting for Episode VII of Star Wars? Let’s realize some fun crafts to make your waiting inspiring and joyful. Dark side/ light side light switch is a fun and creative idea; take any piece of furniture and stencil it with a mask of the imperial trooper or any of the memorable characters. A wampa head above your fireplace is a... More

Fun And Simple DIY Seat Planter

Looking for an idea for a creative and fun planter? Not interested in painting or stenciling? Here we are with the seat planter tutorial! The supplies are a terra cotta planter, white oven bake clay, hot glue/super glue, white gloss spray paint. Take a look at your planter and decide out how large you would like the legs to be.... More

DIY Mid-Century Modern Side Table

Do you like mid-century furniture? If you do, let’s make this mid-century side table that SarahHearts blog had shared with us. The supplies are a side table, vintage decor paint, gold liquid gilding, clear wax, painter’s tape, a brush, iron-on veneer edging, fine sanding block, a utility knife and a wood block. Use a... More

7 Easy And Fun DIY Suitcases Décor Ideas

Remember we’ve told you about luggage tag ideas? To make your suitcases pop even more to easily find them among the others you can also decorate the luggage itself! How can you do that? Look at the ideas I’ve prepared for you! The first cool way to do that is to paint the suitcases using some cool paint and maybe stencils... More

DIY Triangle Mirror With A Wooden Frame

We’ve already told you of some awesome mirrors, and here’s one more idea to the list. Prepare wood, a miter saw, a mirror, wood glue, industrial strength glue, clamps. Decide on the size you’d like to make your mirror. Using your miter box, saw three identical sized pieces with identical angled edges. Using your wood... More

Simple DIY Boho Chic Bookmarks From Sticks

There are various bookmarks to prevent you from losing the page but I’ve never seen a boho one. Haven’t either? The TenderGarden blog has shared the idea. The supplies are thin sticks, craft ropes,  scissors, paint, a small paintbrush, any color threads,  a hot glue gun, any other dried plants to decorate. Use a thread to... More

12 DIY Sachets For Perfect Aromas At Home

A sachet is a small cloth scented bag filled with herbs, potpourri, or aromatic ingredients. Scented sachets are for containing odorous substances to be laid among handkerchiefs, underwear, linen, to be hung in closets and cupboard, to be put into briefcases and luggage to perfume them. I’ve rounded up a whole bunch of... More

DIY Game Card Holder For Family Pastimes

With a few pieces of molding and some glue, you can craft these handy card holders for family game night. Add bonus points if the kids decorate and personalize their holder! You’ll need tape measure, a miter saw and hand clamps. Using a handsaw or miter saw, cut the Dividers and ¼-inch hobby board to length. Using the cut... More

DIY Printed Rosemary Car Air Freshener

This cool and cute piece is perfect as a car air freshener! To make one you’ll need clay, twine, wax paper, a roller, rosemary, cookie cutter, a toothpick. On waxed paper, roll the clay, as if you are making some dough. Be careful not to make it too thin, it should be more than half a centimeter thick. Now gently push the... More

11 Cool DIY Cat Scratchers To Spoil Your Kitty

Kitty owners, this article is for you! Every cat needs not only a bed and some toys but also a scratcher to keep your furniture safe. The cheapest and easiest material for such a craft is cardboard, so find some old boxes and shape them into a cool scratcher. Sisal rope is another perfect material for making a scratcher, pick a... More