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15 DIY Picnic And Beach Blankets For Relaxing Outdoors

Summer is time of picnics and beaches! If you are planning to go to the beach, you’ll need not only a swimsuit or beachwear but also a beach blanket to sit on. The same is about picnics – not only food and drinks are required but also a good and comfy picnic blanket. Let’s make a cool one, suitable for both situations! A... More

DIY Foam Boxes And Bowls For Storage

These colorful containers are handy and lightweight and can be used for containing anything: fruit, colored pencil stash, stationery bits, or party treats. To make them you’ll need A4 size foam sheets 2mm, 3mm or 5mm thickness, fabric remnants, spray adhesive, paper brads, sheets of paper for templates. Decide which shape... More

DIY Vintage-Inspired Jewelry Wall Hanger

This project from blog.littleladybird.com.au is one more cool jewelry hanger to your collection! Cut a piece of wood to the desired length. This hanger was made using a piece of left over decking wood and measures 44cm long by 9cm wide by 2cm deep. Pick up some knobs, hooks or drawer handles from a hardware or similar type of... More

14 DIY Boho Chic Décor Items For Indoors And Outdoors

Boho chic style is very popular right now: you can see boho homes, boho outdoor spaces (I just can’t get enough of them!), boho clothes and boho weddings. Let’s follow trends and make a couple of fun and colorful bohemian pieces for our homes! Colorful boho or ethnic-patterned fabric is perfect for creating cool boho... More

DIY Simple Cacti Embroidery Box

Wanna spruce up a usual box a little? There’s a cool idea from delineateyourdwelling.com, and you’ll need a wooden embroidery box, embroidery thread or yarn, embroidery hand needles, peacock embroidery scissors, paint in similar colors of thread. Drew out on the inside cover of the Embroidery box what my design would be.... More

Trendy And Colorful DIY Geometric Wall Art

It’s to turn on the brights and let’s do it in a trendy way! To make this geometric paper art you’ll need a geo template, 6 different colors of paper, posterboard or heavy cardstock, dry adhesive sheets, a cutting mat, a ruler, an artist’s knife, a pencil, burnisher. Print the template and cut out the large diamond +... More

18 Colorful And Fun DIY Piñatas For Any Party

A piñata is a cool and super fun idea for any party, from a kid’s birthday party to a bridal shower, that’s why today I decided to tell you how to make these bold and sparkling piñatas. Actually, you can make a piñata in any shape you like – a donut, a horse, a cactus, a flamingo, a question mark, a cube and so on –... More

Very Simple DIY Modern Dreamcatcher

We’ve already told you of some cool ideas to make a cool dreamcatcher for boho décor but this idea wasn’t on the list. To make a modern dreamcatcher prepare 12’’ macramé ring, white yarn, wooden beads, scissors, a toothpick. Start with your first piece of yarn by tying and knotting it on the top of your ring. Use long... More

Functional And Practical DIY Pegboard From Plywood

Pegboards combine quirky décor with practical storage, making them a perfect addition to any craft or DIY workspace. To make one yourself, you’ll need a medium/large rectangle of plywood, at least 15 mm thick, a power drill, a hand saw, 10 mm wide dowelling, fine sandpaper, spray paint and masking tape. On your plywood, mark... More

19 Colorful DIY Mosaic Crafts For Home Décor

Mosaic is the art of creating images with an assemblage of small pieces of colored glass, stone, or other materials. The earliest known examples of mosaics are dated to the 3rd millennium BC. Today mosaics is also very popular for home décor and people make such patterns everywhere using glass, pebbles, stones, plastic and... More