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DIY Kitchen Chairs Painting And Reupholstering

We’ve already told you how to renovate your old chairs, and here’s one more idea for your kitchen. You’ll need old mismatched chairs, sandpaper, paint that you like, fabric and a furniture stapler. Sand them down lightly, then use the paint sprayer to prime them and put several light coats of paint on them. Better spray... More

10 DIY Picnic Baskets From Various Materials

It’s so nice to stay outdoors in summer, to sunbathe, talk with friends and maybe have a meal. What’s the summer without a picnic? I love going to some park or garden and enjoy a tasty meal with my friends or family. If you also like doing that, you’ll need a good picnic basket to carry the food. I’ve just rounded up... More

DIY Glam Beach Tote With Pompoms

Going to the beach? Have you taken your beach tote already? If you don’t have a cool tote, let’s make one! The supplies are a plain straw bag, white gloss spray paint, masking tape, strong all purpose glue, scissors and pompom trim. Mask off stripes with your tape. Make sure that no unwanted areas are left exposed. Tape... More

Easy DIY Decorative Pallet Shelf

Pallets are ideal for crafting – you won’t waste materials while getting a cool furniture piece. Let’s make a cool pallet shelf, you’ll need pallet, a pencil, a saw, a nail gun or hammer and nails, sandpaper, a drill and screws. Use the pencil to mark the wood on the pallet. Next take the saw and cut along those lines.... More

17 Fun DIY Cake And Cupcake Toppers For Summer Parties

Almost every party – from a weekend one to some special occasion – can boast of delicious desserts, often cakes and cupcakes. To highlight that it’s a party, to help to create a festive mood finish them with cake toppers. We’ve rounded up so many DIYs on this topic, here you’ll find toppers for any theme and any... More

Cheerful And Colorful DIY Bar Cart Makeover

A bar cart is a necessary piece at every party, and today we offer you to easily renovate an old one. You’ll need a tea cart/bar cart, a screwdriver, spray paint and Kyrlon clear coat. Take apart what you can on your cart or tape off specific pieces if you’re painting more than one color. Spray 1-2 coats of paint, waiting... More

Unique DIY Tapestry iPhone Case

Style your iPhone in a unique way! You’ll need thick tapestry fabric or ribbon, iPhone case, E6000 glue, embroidery thread, needle, a pen and paper, a sewing machine. Trace your case on a piece of paper and cut out. Play around with your fabrics and lay out how you want your case to look like. Using a zigzag stitch, sew your... More

9 Easy DIY Outdoor Tents and Teepees

It’s so warm and comfy outdoors that I just can’t stay indoors! Patios, terraces, gardens and all places like that invite to spend time there. To get more privacy, to escape from the commonness you can put a tent in the middle of your garden – it’s a great place to lie, dream or read a book without anyone seeing you.... More

Refined DIY Jewelry Organizer From Concrete

Jewelry organizers are always necessary as every girl has a lot of accessories. This one looks very refined, you’ll need glass vases/ glass bowls, a plastic container, a paint stick, ceramix, plaster or concrete, plastic cups, a utility knife or sandpaper. Prepare the ceramix according to the label directions, then pour the... More

Rustic DIY Hanging Flower Box

To save some space and decorate the walls at the same time, you can make a hanging wall planter. The supplies are 16 paint sticks, Minwax classic gray stain, a brush to apply the stain, cloth to remove excess stain, wood glue, twine, a small saw to cut the paint sticks. Stain all your paint sticks using the gray stain. Let them... More