The Best Decorating Ideas For Your Home of July 2023

July 2023 was a month filled with inspiration for anyone looking to transform their living spaces. In this roundup we want to highlight our favorite posts from the month filled with innovative decorating ideas and inspiring projects. We also can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store!

  • Blue and white color scheme is calming and soothing, it’s all about timeless elegance though not as hacky as black and white. Here are some ideas to design a kitchen in this color scheme.
  • A water feature of any kind always makes a garden more attractive and inviting, and if you want one, we’d strongly recommend a waterfall.
  • You may think that a small backyard isn’t a place for swimming, but this isn’t true – there are lots of small backyard pools that can be squeezed into even the tightest outdoor space. Here are great examples.