Stylish DIY Stool You Can Make Of Random Wood Scraps

Stylish Diy Stools Made Of Wood Scraps

Those of you who occasionally make some things of wood probably have a pile of wood scraps lying around. If the pile is quite big already you can make a stylish stool or even several stools of it. That isn’t a hard project but each stool would be unique and looks very interesting.

In order for the project to be successful all blocks of wood should be well cut with nice square edges. You can use dowels or biscuits to align these blocks together before gluing. You can also glue them together right away if you have a set of big band clamps but that is more complicated. Some sanding and staining might be a good idea after the glue that hold the stool is dry.

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Stylish Diy Stools Made Of Wood Scraps
Source: improvisedlife