Stylish DIY Halloween Countdown

Stylish Diy Halloween Countdown

How many days are left before Halloween? Make a stylish countdown! You’ll need wood plaque measuring around 9 x 12 inches, 6 wood tags, a little paper box, scrapbook paper, black acrylic paint and brush, Mod Podge, little nails and hammer, an exacto knife, sand paper, a gold or silver. Start by spraying the back of the scrapbook paper you are using as the base with adhesive, and press firmly centered onto the wood plaque. Then take an exacto knife to cut around the edges. Now take the sandpaper around all the edges where the wood and paper meet to give it a softer finish. Paint around all the edges of the plaque where the wood is exposed.  Read the rest of the tutorial in the source and finish the countdown.

Source: themotherhuddle