Original Pendant Lamp Made Of IKEA Food Bowls

Diy Ikea Pendant Lamp

There are plenty ways to make IKEA furniture much more beautiful than it is. You can do different updates by yourself or you can buy products that other designers make. Either way there are plenty of options to get an unusual and stylish furniture that is almost as cheap as original IKEA products.

Here is one of those things that you can make by yourself or you can buy. The idea belongs to Pieter Bostoen who made this original lamp called Bäsil by using 15 BÄSTIS dog/cat food bowls, 7 lamps (also from Ikea), lamps sock and wiring. The process of making wasn’t too hard. He drilled a hole in the center of each bowl, connect them in pairs with lamp socks. Besides he used one bowl at the top to hide all wires and make the ceiling fixation. Sounds easy but if you don’t wanna make your hands dirty you can buy the lamp for €129.

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Diy Ikea Pendant Lamp
Source: pieterbostoen