How To Make Wall-Mount TV Looks Like Art

How To Make Wall Mount Tv Looks Like Art

Turning TV into an artwork is a great way to hide your wall-mount TV. Besides it’s the simplest and the cheapest one. All you need to do is to made a frame that will surround it. You can also use a picture frame but it might be hard to find the frame of the right size.

To make a frame you’ll need: skirting from a hardware store, measuring tape, handsaw and mitre block, wood glue, nails, L-bracket, spirit level, 3M Command adhesive strips, and paint.

First of all measure the shape you want your frame to be and cut all its pieces using a handsaw and mitre block of skirting you bought. Glue them together and make the connection more stronger with nails. After that paint the frame and hang it around your TV using an L-bracket. Enjoy the new look of your TV.

Source: ninemsn