How To Hide TV In Plain Sight – 5 Tips And Tricks

Paint Tv Wall In Black

We already showed you 25 ideas to fit a TV into any interior. Now I want to show you some tricks that will help to hide a TV in plain sight.

First of all you can paint a TV wall in black. Big black TV rectangle won’t be noticeable anymore.

The second way is to hang a TV near the fireplace or place it inside a faux fireplace mantel. That trick works as with modern as with classic interiors.

Nowadays you can find cool mirrors which can accomodate and hide your TV. Even though this is a very cool solution to hide a TV in plain sight it’s quite pricey.

One more way is to surround your TV with a lot of artwork. For example you can hang several pictures in black frames near to it so the TV would look like one of them.

The last but not least way is to put TV in a picture frame. That won’t exactly hide it but that may make it blend into your interior a little better.

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Paint Tv Wall In Black
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Tv Near To The Fireplace
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Tv In A Mirror
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Tv In A Mirror
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Tv Surrounded By Artwork
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Tv In A Picture Frame