DIY Toy Chest That Doubles As A Toy

Diy Toy Chest And Toy

There isn’t a lot of free space in modern living spaces. That’s why when you have kids your living space can become a constant mess. Toys are everywhere and there usually isn’t enough storage space to hide them all. Here is a cool toy chest that you can make that probably will help you a little bit with this problem. It doubles as a toy so your kids would glad to have it.

Here is what you’ll need: 4 IKEA’s Pränt boxes, two 125 x 61 cm poplar plywood sheets (9mm, 12mm), water-based satin paint, and wood glue.


Download templates (1, 2) of two fronts. Next, cut 2 bottoms of 56.5 × 60.5 cm in the thinnest plywood sheet and 2 faces of 50 × 60.5 cm in other one sheet. Laquer the road and houses. Create a 1.5 cm thick slit in the bottom and attach it to the front panels using wood glue. Attach boxes behind the houses and show it to your kids.

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Diy Toy Chest And Toy
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Diy Toy Chest And Toy
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