DIY Standing Desk Of IKEA Filing Cabinet

Diy Standing Desk Of IKEA Filing Cabinet

Some studies suggest that sitting all day long puts you at a significantly higher risk for heart disease. If you’re working at home you probably sit at your desk about 10 hours a day. That definitely isn’t good and as a home office dweller you have a possibility to make things right. If you want to work but want to reduce seating time you can make a standing desk.

Tom Borowski has turned IKEA’s EFFEKTIV filing cabinet into such desk. That’s definitely much cheaper solution than ready-made standing desks which are usually fairly expensive. Tom has also used 30cm table legs on top of the cabinet to get the perfect heigh of the desk and 10cm table legs to support a board that holds the monitor. He also come up with some cable management and other practical solutions that you can read about on his blog.