DIY Rustic Wood Wall Art

Diy Rustic Wood Wall Art

DIY wall art can be something more than pictures you draw or photographs you can take. For example you can make it from rustic wood pieces. The idea is simple. You need to make a canvas of old weathered lumber and apply some cool silhouettes on it. Two options come in mind here. You can buy some cool vinyl stickers and apply them on the canvas or you can draw these silhouettes. The first way is simple but the second one is more creative.

To draw beautiful silhouettes you need to download them from internet and print. After that test your drawing skills on paper and when you’ll be confident enough make sketches on the canvas using places and trace them over with a woodcraft marker. There is a good chance that you’ll get a rustic looking artwork that can become a great addition to your interior.

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Diy Rustic Wood Wall Art
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