DIY Pillows Made With Ties As A Cool Father’s Day Gift

Diy Fathers Day Pillows Made With Ties

One of the most popular gifts for Father’s Day is a tie. In case if you want to be original you can make a pillow from several different ties. It definitely will be an impressive gift. The process of making isn’t hard but you need to be ready to cut ties and to sew them.

FIrst of all remove the ties’ interfacing, and trim each tie to 20 inches in length. Trim the width of the ties, leaving a 1/2-inch seam allowance on both sides. Sew the ties together to create a 19-inch pillow top. Next, cut a 19-inch square from wool or felt for the back. Sew pillow’s top and bottom together leaving a 6-inch opening. Insert pillow form and you’re done.

Source: bhg