DIY Balsa-Wood Wall Decoration

Heart Wall Decoration

This cool balsa-wood wall decoration is very simple to make but can add touch of Scandinavian coziness to your home. You will need very few materials and about an hour of your time. The cool thing is that you can use this idea to create stylish and minimalist wall decorations in any shapes you like.

Materials and tools

  • Two balsa-wood strips (1/32″ x 2″ x 35″)
  • Wood stain
  • Foam brush for staining
  • Hot-glue gun
  • Scissors


  • Remove stickers from the balsa strips and stain one side of each strip.
  • Take one strip and gently pull one edge until it overlaps the other edge, forming a teardrop shape out of the strip. Repeat the process with the second strip too.
  • Hold them so that their bases overlap and form a heart shape.
  • Put some hot glue between the two bases and pinch firmly while the glue sets.
  • Snip off the overlapping edges with a sharp pair of scissors to clean up the bottom edge of the heart shape.

Now you can hang your new wall decoration on any of your walls. It’s very lightweight so it won’t be hard. You can use it even as a tabletop decoration if your walls are already occupied.

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Heart Wall Decoration
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Heart Wall Decoration