Cool DIY Teal Striped And Gold Thumb Pumpkins

Cool Diy Teal Striped And Gold Thumbs Pumpkins

Looking for some cool pumpkin décor without carving? Here it is! You’ll need paint, masking tape, gold thumb tacks and a paint brush. To re-create the striped pumpkin simply tape off the parts you don’t want painted and paint to your hearts content. Paint a few coats, tear off the tape and then when everything is dried, add extra borders around the stripes with a slightly darker teal. And for a bit of extra glam add a few gold thumb tacks. For the second pumpkin, keep it simple and make swirly loops with the tacks. If it is easier, you can draw a guide of your lines with pencil first. Ideal décor and nothing rotting in your home! If you are looking for a more detialed instruction how to do it, look here.

Source: lynnandlou