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Choosing modern or minimalist style for decorating your outdoor spaces has its own advantages, for example, modern furniture is easier to mix and match because of not many detailing and colors used. It’s also clean and simple and doesn’t distract attention from the natural beauty around, plus it’s usually very functional. Today I’d like to...
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Pool floats are what make the pool time super fun and your swimming pool inviting. Floats can be speakers, toys or just floats to relax, and if you have kids I think that these pieces are a must. What can you buy to excite your children? Let’s have a look at the coolest options. Animals...
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Summer is almost on, and we all spend time outdoors – having meals, reading, talking, sunbathing and swimming. Our kids are playing somewhere around, and of course they are having much fun. They can have even more fun if your outdoor space is kid-friendly, and a swing is the easiest way to make it like...
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