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Delicious Christmas: 7 DIY Edible Advent Calendars

We’ve already told of many cute advent calendars and today I’d like to attract your attention to this theme again and talk about edible advents. Such an advent calendar is a fun and cool idea for you and your kids, and it’s very easy to make. The most popular idea here is a cookie advent calendar, you’ll need just to... More

DIY Advent Wreath With Candles

There are not so many days left before Christmas and if you haven’t yet made an advent calendar of any kind, it’s high time to! To make this original advent wreath you’ll need a wreath, red felt ornaments (you can easily make them yourself), candleholders in the color you like. Take some wire or threads and hang the... More

DIY Advent Tree With Felt Stars

We’ve just told of some pretty advent trees, and it’s high time to make one of them! The supplies are craft felt, embroidery floss, yarn, thread. Cut 48 stars out of felt. Embroider half of the stars with the numbers 1 to 24.  The numbers could also painted on with fabric paint. Attach a piece of yarn (for the loop) to the... More

Easy DIY Matchbox Advent Calendar

We’ve just told you of some original advent trees to make but if you are looking for an extremely easy idea of a calendar, have a look at this one. For this advent calendar you won’t need any skills, just a couple of supplies. The supplies are plain white paper, a pair of scissors, tape, 24 matchboxes and number stamps.... More

DIY Advent Calendar With White Painted Animals

Ready to countdown to Christmas? If you are not, here’s a simple and great idea of an advent calendar. You’ll need 25 plastic animals, white spray paint, tiny red pompom balls, super glue, tweezer, Kraft boxes, number stencils, white craft paint. Spray paint animals white, some may need two coats. Once dry, super glue a... More

19 Awesome And Unusual DIY Advent Calendars

We’ve already told you about advent calendars to make but today we’ve decided to roundup some more because so many cool ideas appeared! We’ve gathered the most original calendars for you, so you’ll enjoying making, counting and sometimes even eating them! Funny robots for each day, delicious cookies, tasty apples,... More

50 Cool DIY Advent Calendars

An advent calendar is a must have thing to have to celebrate the Christmas season all month long. There are many such calendars that you could buy but it’s much more fun to make one by yourself. It could turn out much better that the one you buy and besides that’s really fun activity for you and your kids. The... More