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Fun DIY Frozen Olaf Snow Globe

If the mood in your home officially switched to winter, it’s high time that we made some pretty Christmas-inspired decorations. This snow globe is inspired by Frozen cartoon, prepare a plastic snow globe, Disney Frozen Olaf Figurine, miniature trees, buffalo snow or glitter snowflakes, white or iridescent glitter, hot glue or... More

Awesome DIY Mason Jar Globes For Winter Decor

This craft is great not only for Christmas but also as a cool winter home decoration, so prepare the following things: assorted mason jars, plastic/coated ornaments, or faux flowers and garland, old fashioned glitter or snow confetti, hot glue, liquid glycerin and distilled water. Glue the ornamentation to the inside of the jar... More

Simple DIY Mason Jar Snowglobes

Snowglobes have always been a symbol of Christmas, a cool gift, especially for children, and I’m sure that for the most of us it reminds of cozy Christmas with family and friends. Let’s make a simple mason jar snowglobe, you’ll need mason jars, waterproof toys or figures, glitter, glycerin, epoxy or non-water soluble... More

10 Cool DIY Snow Globes

If you saw these awesome miniature snow globes that Anthropologie sells then you should already know how cool they could be. Although they’re a bit pricey there so you could try to make something similar by yourself. Besides, that isn’t hard at all. You just need a pretty glass jar, glitter, glycerine, distilled... More

DIY Glitter Snow Globe

Snow globes are perfect things to add some winter wonderland in your home decor. Besides they are perfect holiday gifts to your friends. When they are handmade they are even more cool. This glitter snow globe can be made by you if you’ll have a small glass jar, an animal figure, a fir tree figure, gold and silver glitter,... More

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