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Stylish DIY Flea Market Cabinet Makeover

This flea market cabinet was easily renovated by the author of the tutorial. Take a cabinet and sand the finish off using an electric sander. Use Minwax wood stain in the color you like. After the stain dries, do three coats of Minwax polyurethane semi-gloss finish. After you finish the top, do a light sand over the entire... More

DIY Wooden Wall Hanging For Home Decor

This wooden wall hanging is a nice idea to fill a plain wall. Prepare 34 large wood craft sticks, craft paint in a couple of colours, wool felt approximately ” x “, wooden dowel, string, hot glue, a utility knife. Paint a few craft sticks in the colours you have chosen. Use an utility knife and straight edge to cut... More

Easy To Make DIY Metallic Birch Coasters

Natural decor is always in trend! To make these cool coasters you’ll need slices of birch wood, polyurethane spray, metallic acrylic paint, paper towels and a stir stick. First, you’ll want to mix up your paint. Mix a ratio of equal parts of paint and water. You want the paint to be diluted when you use it. Once you have... More

5 DIY Thanksgivng Placemats For A Perfect Table Setting

Thanksgiving is approaching and it you’ve already invited some guests and are preparing for the party, this tutorial may be useful. A placemat is a cool way to accentuate every place, polish the setting and even leave a message. Make a couple of cool placemats that correspond your decor style – modern, glam, traditional or... More

Modern DIY Leather Chair Cushion

This easy leather cushion will make your sitting cozier and any chair – comfier. Prepare universal needles for leather, upholstery thread, uholstery leather, foam, a sewing machine. Use a piece of paper (or parchment paper) to draw your template for your foam and fabric. Cut foam to exact template markings. Cut fabric 1/2... More

DIY Rustic Checkers Game Not To Be Bored

Bored? Go play chess! You’ll need black and white checked fabric, cut to eight-and-a-half squares by eight-and-a-half squares, sixteen small wood rounds, black and white craft paint and a small brush, 26″ of leather cord, pins, a safety pin, a sewing machine or basic sewing skills. Start by making the casing for the... More

DIY Fab Fruit Bowl From A Palm Tree Leaf

This eye-catching fruit bowl is easy to make! Prepare a palm tree leaf, or sepal, paints, paint brush, old cloth, a hack saw and/or metal file. The saw is to cut off the dead sepal from the tree and trim the end. Use a metal file to trim and smooth down the end if needed. You may not need either the saw or metal file. Dip the... More

How To Customize Your Closet Doors With Trim

Got a closet? Spruce it up! Accentuate its doors in an elegant way reminding of Parisian apartments. Choose some trim with the pattern you like and cut and fit trim pieces together at a 45 degree angle. So you can also just use a hand saw and a miter box if you don’t have a power saw. Use masking tape to hold each piece... More

7 Useful DIY Magnet Boards For Kids And Adults

A magnet board has lots of advantages: first of all, it’s comfy for attaching your schedules, plans, ideas and various thoughts you don’t want to forget. Second, your kids will be happy to have one! They can play, learn colors, letters, objects and words and also leave messages to each other using such boards. Third, a... More

5 Cool And Easy DIY IKEA Raskog Cart Hacks

IKEA Raskog cart with a sturdy construction and four casters makes it easy for you to move it and use it wherever you like. It even fits in tight spaces because of its small size. You can use the cart in different ways, including as an extra work area in the kitchen, as practical storage in the hall or as a different nightstand... More

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