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DIY Hairpin Legs For Your Furniture

Hairpin legs are very trendy as they accentuate your furniture and make the décor more eye-catching. To make them on your own you’ll need cold rolled steel rod. For each leg, you need a length about 2.5 times longer than the finished height of the leg. Then 5″ steel flat corner braces, an angle grinder with cut off... More

DIY Distressed Wooden Crate Pet Bed

Every pet owner needs a pet bed, and we’ve already told you of some. Today we’ll make a new one – a chic pet bed of a wooden crate. The supplies are a wooden crate, four wooden candle holders or small furniture legs, wood glue, wood stain, paint and a permanent marker. First, knock off the top two wood planks with a... More

DIY Back To School Party Decorative Sign

Have your kids already gone back to school? You may bring this school spirit to your kitchen making this sign. All you’ll need are some letters, school supplies (pencils, erasers, and glue sticks), and a hot glue gun. After you’ve gathered your supplies, the first thing you’ll want to do is lay out the school... More

11 DIY Laundry Detergents, Soaps And Softeners To Make

What’s the reason to make a DIY laundry soap or detergent? First, it’s extremely affordable; second, it’s all-natural and you can add your own ingredients that are non-allergic or smell amazing; third, it won’t break your washing machine. We’ve rounded up several simple recipes for you to make on your own. Borax,... More

DIY Mini Pinboards Of Cork Pot Stands

A pinboard is a great thing for any working space, especially for a kid – the school year has almost begun, remember? The best material for a pinboard is cork, so let’s take 3 cork pot stands, sticky back plastic, a craft knife, scissors, a ruler and a pencil. Sticky back plastic is ideal for decorating these cork pieces,... More

DIY Quilted BBQ Or Oven Mitt

It’s bbq season and here is a fun project to create that perfect quilted bbq or oven mitt for grilling outdoors or cooking indoors. This mitt is pieced together and then quilted and sewn. Prepare 1/4 yd kitchen cotton print fabric, scraps of coordinating cotton scraps (1 1/2″ x 9″), 1/4 yd light gray cotton fabric, 1/2 yd... More

12 DIY All-Purpose Kitchen And Bathroom Cleaners

Using homemade cleaners for cleanups has lots of advantages: they are all-natural, you can avoid allergic or just harmful elements, you can add good ones that are safe for you and your kids and so on – I can specify them for a long time. The main ingredient for any DIY cleaner is vinegar – and I’m sure that you all have... More

DIY Woven Cat Hammock

We’ve already told you of some hammocks to make but what about your furry friends? Let’s make a cool hammock for your little (or not very little) kitty! You will need: cotton yarn in different colors, a belt, measuring tape, a piece of wood, a saw, scissors, a drill, a needle. Mark, saw and drill your wood bar to get two... More

11 DIY Copper Pipe Crafts For Home Décor

Copper is very stylish and elegant in itself, so why not add it to your home décor realizing some crafts with copper pipes? Copper piping is ideal for making, lamps, candleholders, rails, furniture legs and various holders for almost anything. Pipes require some skill to cut and attach them to each other, that’s not... More

DIY Shower Hook Closet Organizers

We all have closets at home and store many things there; hanging them on hooks is a good space-saving solution. Let’s give your closet a new look and turn usual hooks into cool and casual ones using just your old jeans for it. You’ll need old jeans, shower curtain hooks, scissors and a hole punch. Cut fabric into 1 inch... More