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12 DIY Pumpkin Wreaths For Fall And Thanksgiving

Pumpkins are a super popular symbol of fall, harvest, rustic coziness and of course, Thanksgiving. As the fall is almost here, it’s high time to incoprorate a couple of pumpkins into your decor, both outdoor and indoor. Today I’ve prepared some pumpkin wreath tutorials to rock both indoors and outdoors. Ah, it’s... More

DIY Stained Serving Tray With A Bowl Rest

This cute food serving tray will be great for serving breakfast in bed. The supplies are an unfinished wooden plaque with circle, 1’’ wooden blocks, wood glue, wood stain, extra fine sand paper, spray food safe shellac, a foam brush. The wooden board comes relatively sanded, but we wanted it to be extra smooth so there are... More

DIY Kitchen Bookshelf With Shutter Doors

The DIY kitchen bookshelf has sides that are created from one set of bifold “shutter” doors, and the shelves are made from a half of a set of a bifold regular door. Once you have the width of your space, you are going to build a base structure for the top by simply building a box, totaling the total width plus the thickness... More

8 Quick DIY IKEA FÖRHÖJA Kitchen Cart Hacks

IKEA FÖRHÖJA kitchen cart Gives you extra storage, utility and work space. You can quickly view and access what’s inside because the drawers can be pulled out from both sides, and there is open storage with space for 9 bottles on each shelf. The piece has a simple light finish that makes it suitable for any kitchen.... More

DIY Super Easy Watercolor Gem Art Piece

Watercolor decor is dreamy, charming and very eye-catching. Today we are sharing a cool yet easy gem art in this technique. The supplies are watercolor paper, a watercolor paint set, stencil tape, patterning tape and a paint brush. Using patterning tape, lay out the basic shape for your watercolor gem. Read the instructions... More

DIY Marble Tile Coasters With Nails Polishes

Marble decor is getting more and more trendy, let’s follow the trend and make these coasters. The supplies are trays, mugs, coasters. Get a bin and fill it with warm water. If you don’t use warm water, the nail polish will harden quickly and it won’t stick to the tile. Next uncap all of the nail polish you plan to use and... More

Colorful DIY Doll Softies For Your Kids

These cool softies from we-are-scout.com will be a great gift for your kids, let’s make a couple. Cut out a piece of card that’s one inch square. Using the card as a guide, draw small marks on the fabric at about one inch intervals, making sure you follow the curves of the doll’s outline. Then draw a line between each of... More

DIY Patterned Waterproof Bib To Make

A waterproof bib is a must in every home where there’s a baby. Today we are sharing a tutorial to make one, so prepare a bib pattern, patterned waterproof fabric, solid waterproof fabric for making bias tape, velcro for closure and thread. Print off the bib pattern. Cut out the fabric. You will need a bib front, bib back, and... More

DIY Suede And Gold Leaf Colorblock Mousepad

This chic mousepad is cool and comfy in using, you’ll be excited to use it! To make one you’ll need an old mousepad, suede or leather, spray adhesive, a pen, scissors, washi tape, gold leaf adhesive, gold leaf sheets, paintbrushes. Use your old mousepad and trace a circle on the back of your suede around it. Cut out the... More

Colorful And Cheerful DIY Citrus Slice Frisbees

Beach is life! Summer is coming to its end, so I hope that you spend every minute you have there. Today I’d like to share a cool and simple craft for spending time on the beach, and it’s really summer-inspired – so fruity and juicy! To make these citrus slice Frisbees you’ll need solid color red, orange, yellow and... More

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