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How To Decorate Natural Brown Easter Eggs

Don’t want to spend time dying Easter eggs? Tired of all standard egg décor ideas? Well, in case you like natural looks, you’ll love this easy Easter craft! All you need are some brown eggs and a non-toxic white paint pen. Then doodle away. Draw whatever you like – geometric lines and shapes, bunnies, flowers, crosses... More

12 Cool DIY Trash Can Makeovers

An ugly trash can spoil any interior design, no matter how much time you spent for it. Renovate your trash can to avoid it! There are ideas and ways for any colors and any interior – from painting to fabric. Love Star Wars? Make an R2D2 trash can! Take wallpaper or newspapers and decorate your trash can using mod podge. Of... More

Chic DIY Trash Can Makeover

Everyone has a trash can at home, or maybe several ones. Are they pretty? If they are not, why not to renovate the cans so that they would look stylish? The supplies are a gold leaf, mod podge, snake print wrapping paper. Tape the numbers off a few times and re-paint to make sure that there wasn’t any bleeding from white... More

Easy DIY Leather Pouch With Chain

Every girl needs a pouch for her stuff – makeup, a mobile and all those little things we have in our bags. So, this pouch is a necessary thing or can become a cool gift. You’ll need leather, a sewing machine, leather lace, a leather punch, wire, 2 bone white horns, a belt or long necklace chain. If you want yours to be able... More

Tiny DIY Marble Clay Eggs For Easter

Easter is not so close, but why not get prepared for it beforehand? These cute tiny Easter eggs would be a cool favor or a nice toy for your kids. To make ones you’ll need Fimo clay of any desired color, a knife. To make marble clay just cut white and colorful clay into small pieces and mix them. Then make a roll and continue... More

9 Simple DIY Entryway Mirrors You Can Make

We can’t do without mirrors in the entryway because we want to know how we look, girl would like to apply some lip gloss and use a hair comb. In case this mirror has a shelf – it’s priceless! Let’s see what mirrors you can make for your hallway. So, as I said, a mirror with a shelf is an ideal variant – make like that... More

DIY Spring Gift Wrap In A Minute

If you have some party or celebration in spring and need to add original packing to the gift, this tutorial is for you! It’s very easy, you’ll need packing paper, hot glue, ribbon and spring flowers. First of all, pack the gift with packing paper according to its shape. Fix it with scotch or tape and attach a flower and... More

DIY Chocolate Surprise Eggs For Easter

Easter is soon, and I’m sure that your kids and just guests will be excited with these yummy eggs with surprises. You’ll need white chocolate candy melts , color candy melts of your choice, small candies or toys to fit inside eggs. Melt chocolate in microwave in 30 second intervals (to make pastel colors, mix white candy... More

10 Simple And Cute DIY Entryway Doormats

A doormat is a necessary thing for every home not to take much dirt home. But you can also continue your home décor or make an accent with it making it of the materials you like and with patterns you prefer. So, what are the variants? You can make a geometric, polka dot mat using fabric paints and a simple mat. A space... More

Retro DIY Framed Fabric Speakers

This craft is for those who like to mix incongruous things – like modern speakers and vintage frames and fabric. You’ll need an old set of speakers, a few old frames, a drill, fabric you like, a spray adhesive and white paint. After measuring the frames, create boxes to hold the speakers and then go to destructing the... More