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How To Make Edible Spoons

Edible spoons are amazing for any party or celebration! As Halloween and then Thanksgiving are coming, I think it’s high time to make some. You’ll need some dough, some spoon molds and an oven.  You need just to roll flat a piece of bread, punch out the spoon shape, press the cutout into the spoon and bake. Actually you... More

How To Make Ombre Napkins Easily

Ombre dying is very popular in everything today – from clothes to nails. If you have some old napkins and want to renovate them, or just to decorate them to make cool, dye them ombre! The supplies are a box of Rit dye, a large tub-like container for water, rubber gloves, and light colored napkin. Fill a container full of hot... More

Hot DIY Vinyl Records Cupcake Stand

We’ve already told you of porcelain, wooden and many other cupcake stands but today we’ll make the coolest cupcake stand ever – it’s made of v old vinyl records – retro is always in trend! You’ll need of old vinyl records of 7″, four felt pads or glue dots and a metal stick. Choose record you like – of different... More

DIY Mod Melts Embellished Clutch

If you want to decorate or change your accessories for something cooler and more cheerful, you’ll love this clutch! You’ll need Mod Podge Mod Melts Sticks, Mod Podge Mod Melts Frames Mold, a glue gun, satin paint, a paint dauber, needle & thread, a plain zippered pouch or clutch. First, we’ll make circles: use the... More

19 Hot Summer Outdoor Party Crafts

Summer is party time! If you are planning a cool outdoor party in your garden, you’ll need some accessories to organize a good one. Food paper bags are stunning for such things as chips or other snacks, if you have cakes or cupcakes, make an awesome cupcake stand. Wreaths and garlands are a necessary thing for a fun party... More

DIY Fringe Wine Glass Name Tags

Not to mix up the glasses during a party you can use glass tags. Bright fringe name tags would make the meal personalized and would add a holiday touch. The supplies are crepe paper, craft paper, scissors, double sided tape, glue and a pen. Cut craft paper into strips 8.5 inches long and 3/4 an inch high. Fold in half, line up... More

DIY Terra Cotta Cupcake Stand

We’ve just told you of a woodsy cupcake stand, and here’s one more idea to make a rustic tableware piece. You’ll need a terracotta pot and a saucer, Dulux One Step Primer, white Aquanamel, a paint brush and some sandpaper. Sand the pot and base and wipe away the dust. Apply a coat of One Step Primer to each piece.  Once... More

How To Make Easter Nest Napkin Rings

Getting ready for Easter? We’ve already told you how to make some cute Easter centerpieces, and don’t forget of the other table decorations. Napkin rings in Easter style? Sure! You’ll need a napkin ring holder, a miniature nest, jellybeans, a cloth napkin. Take your nest and wrap its wire around the napkin ring; if your... More

16 Cool Denim Crafts For You And Your Home

Denim is a very lasting and cool material of which Levi Strauss made his first jeans. Since that time denim together with jeans saw different times, it changed color and design but was always fashionable. Here are some crafts of denim that would make you and your home stylish. Denim bag, wallet or clutch will make your style... More

DIY Easter Party Card Holders

Easter party or just dinner with friends is a cool meal and you can make something special for it. For example, these amazingly beautiful card holders for your Easter table. To make them, gather the supplies: styrofoam eggs, paper or colored cardstock, colored beads, pins, colored ribbon, glue, scissors, spike-shaped flower.... More