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DIY Beer Cozies For Parties Or Barbeques

These funny DIY cozies would be great for a party or a barbeque, so prepare 2 pieces of fabric cut to 4.5″ x 11.5″, 2 pieces of batting also cut to 4.5″ x 11.5″, 1 piece of Insul-Bright cut to 4.5″ x 11.5″, 2 large buttons, 2 pieces of elastic cut to about 4″ each and sewing supplies. Make a fabric ‘sandwich’... More

Easy DIY Cup Cozy Of An Old Tee

Like hot drinks? Don’t want to burn your fingers? Let’s make this cup cozy of an old tee – you needn’t any knitting skills. The supplies are old t-shirts, fabric glue, tiny elastics, painter’s tape, scissors. Begin cutting your t-shirt width-wise. Make sure to cut off the ends of the t-shirt strips as well. Grab... More

DIY Coffee Holder To Personalize Your Cup

If you often buy coffee, you can make a coffee holder to personalize your cup. You’ll need 2 fabric scraps, washed and ironed, fabric paint in grass green, freezer paper, a sharp X-Acto knife, a self-healing cutting mat, a small foam paintbrush, 4″ of thin elastic or a hair elastic, a button and thermal lining. Start... More

17 Stitched DIY Mug Cozy Tutorials

I already showed you a bunch of cool tutorials showing how you can cozy up your cups for Winter. All they envolved knitting or crocheting skills but not many of us have them. That’s why I’ve gathered here a bunch of more coffee cup cozy tutorials that feature really simple ways to make them from cotton fabric, felt... More

25 DIY Coffee Cup Cozy Tutorials And Patterns

Winter is coming so probably it’s time to make your home more cozy and warm. I don’t mean to fire up your radiators but to add some details to your decor that will make it look more cozy. For example you can start with dressing up your cups into some cozy warmers. We’ve gathered for you a bunch of tutorials... More

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