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13 Easy And Cool DIY Christmas Gifts For Boys

We’ve already told you of awesome gifts for girls for the coming Christmas but what about boys? It’s considered that it’s more difficult to find a good gift for a boy than for a girl, so today we’ve decided to ease your choice and gathered a whole bunch of cool and budget-friendly DIY ideas. Christmas ornaments will... More

18 Delicious Edible Christmas Gifts That You Can Easily Make Yourself

What can be more delicious than a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows inside? Or a cup of hot tea with fantastic Christmas cookies? That’s why today we’’ find out what easy edible Christmas gifts you can make without having a good cooking skill. First of all, cookies. Yeap, cookies are the most traditional Christmas... More

19 Original DIY Christmas Cards

A card is a cool and inexpensive gift, and very exclusive – handmade! We’ve gathered some great tutorials for you to make a card for Christmas. There are so many materials to use for a unique card: paper, felt, cardboard, buttons and even cookies for décor. You can decorate the cards with different elements: a fir tree,... More

18 Cool Cinnamon Crafts To Feel Christmas Spirit

As for me, cinnamon aroma always reminds me of Christmas and New Year – the coolest holidays of the year! It’s very bracing and makes you feel cozy, that’s why today we offer you to look at some cool Christmas crafts made of cinnamon sticks or with just cinnamon to smell the joyful Christmas. Christmas ornaments made of... More

22 Delicious DIY Soap Recipes

DIY soap is amazing because its natural and there are no harmful components and the natural aromas are so delicious! It’s also a fantastic gift for any holiday, just find out what aromas and components will suit best. It’s an amazing idea to craft with kids and for them, they’ll be happy! Have a look what inspiring... More

13 Cool DIY Winter Jewelry Ideas

Winter is a very beautiful season, when there’s plenty of snow, it’s sparkling in the sun, you sit around the fireplace enjoying the warmth or on the contrary, snowboard outside. Add a cool touch to your look wearing some pretty winter jewelry. There are so many ideas that you can realize yourself, have a look: first of... More

DIY Stainless Steel Reusable Straws For Your Cocktails

Do you like cocktails? If so then you probably need reusable drinking straws for them. You can make such straws from 5/16″ stainless steel tubing or stainless tubes from hobby stores. Besides being reusable stainless steel straws are quite heavy and thanks to that quite pleasant to use. You can even present them your... More

DIY Rustic Wood Slice Coasters

Here is a cool idea for Christmas handmade gifts – wood slice coasters. They are practical addition to any kitchen and looks really cool with their rustic charm. Such wood coaster is quite easy to make. You just need to cut about 10 slices from any dry wood branch and glue them to a wood base you can made of any wood... More

1000+ Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas

Today, I’m tried to gather as large collection of handmade Christmas gift tutorials as possible. I hope it will make any crafty person’s heart sing with joy. A lot of these projects won’t take much of your time but those who will receive them definitely would be happy because I think that there isn’t... More

5 DIY Wine Bottle Gift Wrap Ideas

A wine bottle is an easy gift for your neighbors or friends for Christmas and any other holiday. Although in order to make it more personal and cute you can make a bottle wrap for it. Here are 5 cute wine bottle gift wrap ideas that might help you with that. There are also tutorials showing how to make them.... More