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DIY Byzantine Chainmail Bracelet With Pearl Beads

Byzantine style has recently been in trend, and to look stylish you can make this Byzantine chainmail bracelet. Take 0.6mm glass pearl bead, mixed jump rings, lobster claps, eye pins, wire cutter plier, flat plier, round nose plier. Slide an eye pin through a glass pearl bead and make a loop with the round nose plier on the... More

Stylish DIY Hex Nut Cuff

Hex nuts are great for creating jewelry! Unexpected? Look at this tutorial! To make this hex nut cuff you’ll need hex nuts, Aleene’s Super Gel Adhesive, tulip glam-it-up crystals and a metal cuff. If your cuff is a little large or needs adjusting make sure you do this before adding your hex nuts. For a metal cuff you can do... More

Bright DIY Wrapped Leather Cuff

This DIY wrapped leather cuff is very easy to make and the cost is minimal. If you choose bright shades of leather, it’ll look amazing with your colorful spring dresses. The supplies are a blank cuff bracelet, scraps of leather and extra strength craft glue. Cut 2 strips of leather that measure 1 1/2 inches wide and 2 1/2... More

DIY Leather Wrap Stamped Metal Bracelet

Any message can be put on pendants which is one of the reasons if you can do metal stamping.  Names, inspirational sayings, special dates, etc. all can be used. You can make a cool leather and metal stamp bracelet – it’s an ideal combination, rather stylish and suitable even for boys. When stamping, mix fonts sizes and... More

Comfy And Warm DIY Winter Sock Bracelet

We’ve already told you of cool winter jewelry and here’s one more idea to the list – a sock bracelet. The supplies are an abandoned sock, needle and thread, scissors and small beads. If your sock has a band at the top that might make the bracelet too small for your wrist, cut it off. Cut the sock off at the heel, creating... More

Girlish DIY Bracelet Camera Strap

We’ve told you how to make some camera straps and how to make a girlish version for a small camera? Let’s make a strap that doesn’t look like a usual one but like a bracelet, it’s not for your neck but for your hands. You’ll need needle and thread, elastic thread, beads and thin thread. Roll the elastic... More

Casual DIY Five Strand Braid Bracelet

Casual jewelry is cool, simple to make and highlights your everyday outfits very well. Let’s make a cool five-strand-braid bracelet to wear with jeans. The supplies are leather threads and an arrow. Attach the threads to a plane surface, divide them so that you have three on the left side and two on the right. The left side:... More

DIY Infinity Knot Cord Bracelet

Knots are cool for décor and your look! To make an infinity knot bracelet you’ll need 3/8″ wide white ribbon, binder clips, a fabric stiffener, fabric glue, Korean knotting cord, 1 yard of each color, fusible Velcro. Decide what you want your pattern to be. Find the center of your cords, making sure that they are all... More

Stylish DIY Etched Copper Cuff

Copper will never go out of style! To make a cool copper bracelet you’ll need copper pipe, steel wool, tin shears, a metal file, a permanent marker, hydrogen peroxide, muriatic acid, packing tape, scotch brite scour pad, baking soda, car wax or metal lacquer. Clean off the copper, wash it off and dry. Cut it in the back using... More

DIY Adjustable Bra Strap Bracelet

Your old bra can be given a new life – at least a part of it. Today we’ll make a bracelet of a bra strap. The supplies are a bra, some scissors, a needle and thread, buttons and beads. Cut the strap off where it meets the band, and above the part of the strap where the adjustable part starts. Get your needle and thread,... More

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