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5 DIY Wooden Tabletop Christmas Trees

One more cool and cheap way to make a tabletop Christmas tree is to use some wood. You can use 2×4 planks, wood scraps, driftwood, wood chips and some other stuff for that. Wooden Christmas tree is much more cool and natural than the tree made of cardboard, paper or felt. It has some downsides but I recommend to make one... More

5 DIY Felt Tabletop Christmas Trees

Making tabletop Christmas trees of felt is good way to go if you want to get more cozy objects of holiday decor than those that made of cardboard or paper. These cute little trees are perfect for small flats but would work well in big living spaces too. You can use as store bought felt as some of your old sweaters for such... More

10 DIY Paper Tabletop Christmas Trees

If you’re searching for even more simple way to make tabletop Christmas trees than to make them from cardboard, simple paper could work for you. It’s easy to cut and provide even more possibilities to design a beautiful little Christmas tree. You can use craft paper, old books and almost any other types of paper you... More

5 DIY Cardboard Christmas Trees

Table top Christmas trees are cool but those that you can buy in stores could be kinda pricey. Why to spend money on them when you can make even more cool recycled trees by yourself? You can use cardboard for that. Thanks to simple techniques like painting, decoupage, covering with glitter and some other you can turn it into a... More

15 Cool DIY Christmas Garlands

Handmade Holiday Garland Roundup

You probably already hear Christmas bells so your home should be already decorated accordingly. Although if you still search for some additions to your decor don’t hesitate to make several Christmas garlands. I’ve gathered for you some amazing ideas showing how you can do that. There are plenty of materials you can... More

5 Cool DIY Glowing Holiday Wreaths

Glowing Christmas wreath is an awesome thing to decorate your front door, a wall indoors or even a chandelier. Such wreath could be made out of wire and simple Christmas lights or LED lights. It can be decorated according to the season as some other Christmas... More

20 Cool DIY Christmas Wreaths For Foodies

Homemade Foodie Christmas Wreath Roundup

We already showed you some cool DIY Christmas ornaments for foodies but we want to continue the theme. In addition to ornaments you can make a quite cool Christmas wreath from such things as candies, fruits, marshmallows, popcorn, nuts and some other things. If you’re a real foodie don’t hesitate to try one of these... More

Cool Handmade Christmas Ornament Filled With Candy Sprinkles

As we already showed you simple glass ornaments could become really cool after some work on them. You can fill them with yarn, feathers, glitter, paint but you can also pour in some candy sprinkles inside. That would make such ornaments perfect for kids but make sure they won’t eat... More

Cool DIY Hot Air Balloon Christmas Ornaments

Does Christmas ball ornaments remind you hot air balloons? If so you can make them look even more alike. Simple plastic ornaments would work as a charm for such project. The idea is to make small paper baskets and fix them to the ornaments using string. Visit thecheesethief for a full tutorial showing how to do... More

5 Ideas To Make Cool Holiday Signs

Everybody loves Christmas and Winter. In order to show that you can make some cool holiday signs to hang them outside or inside of your home. They could become a quite fun crafts project with kinds and constant reminders of how good this season is. To make holiday signs you can use yarn, scrap wood pieces, picture frames and... More

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