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5 Beautifully Painted DIY Ceilings

Painting a ceiling is not that difficult, and almost every person can do it but what if you want to make a statement or an accent with it, then you’ll need something more original. We’ve already told you how to cover a ceiling with wood or stencil it, not it’s time to talk about originally painted ceilings. Metallic... More

6 Awesome DIY Stenciled Ceilings

A nice idea to renovate a ceiling is to paint it with a stencil, an easy and cool idea. It’s rather simple to make yourself, so we’ve gathered several tutorials with various stencils for you to do that. A stencil may make your room look more elegant, chic, it’s a cool idea for a kids’ room – something like stars or... More

45 Cool Ideas To Decorate Your Ceilings With Stripes

We already showed you how cool could be rooms with walls covered with stripes. Stipes on ceiling could be even more cool although you should be careful with such decor. You should understand how well your room will handle them. Choosing wallpapers with stripes or painting ceiling this way won’t fit any room. That’s... More

50 Ceiling Design Ideas

A lot of people prefer simple white ceilings. Sometimes that’s because of neglecting the possibility of ceiling design while other times that’s because of they think that’s the best solution. Even though I think white ceilings are awesome there are also other very cool ways to design them. Here is an awesome... More

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