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Minimalist Thanksiving DIY Utensils Envelope

Thanksgiving is very near and it’s high time to think of home and table décor. If you love minimalism, like I do, there’s an pretty idea how to lay a minimalist table decor, for this you’ll need just a sheet of paper. Make a Word document putting a few lines on the upper side, center it, or you just use a ruler instead if you don’t have a printer. Print out/make as many as you need and stamp them individually, or print out one, stamp and then just make copies. Fold about 3/5 of the paper under and back. Fold back the sides of the paper, then place a napkin and the utensils inside; you may use a stapler to secure the edges.  The idea is brilliant and very simple, while costs a little.


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  1. Heather Says:

    Found ya on Pinterest! :)

    Question: What silverware pattern is that? I love the bowl on the spoon and the low lustre. What brand/pattern?

    Thanks for your great ideas!!

  2. Jennah Says:

    Hi Heather!

    This is actually a post from my site that has been copied. We found our silverware at Walmart (of all places!!), the matte finish is similar to IKEA’s Data :)


    Jennah @ A Bird’s Leap (old Lipstick and a White Tee)

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