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How TO Repurpose A Dresser Into A Home Garden

In spring a fresh small garden is right what we need – a piece of nature, what can be better? Lets’ repurpose an old dresser into a fresh spring garden. The dresser doesn’t even need to be transformed. It has three spacious drawers, you need just to take the dresser outside and put the plant pots inside, covering them with soil. You’ll need a dresser,  3 bags of cactus & palm mix,  6 edgers, succulents. It’s now a great and very clever display unit for the deck, terrace or any other outdoor area. It can paint it if you like or just leave like that – with a vintage touch.


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  1. Jesse Says:

    Whoah! What are the odds? I LOVE your dresser project, I had seen it on pinterest & showed it to all my readers here: http://ninered.blogspot.com/2012/03/pinterest-picks-succulent-furniture.html

    Do you mind if I feature this tutorial on my blog and send my readers your way?? I love what you’ve done here!

  2. candace Says:


  3. Camille Says:

    I LOVE IT!!!!! Soooo pretty! I am trying this someday for sure!

  4. alan schukart Says:

    I am so doing this, went on craigslist the other day and found a vintage dresser for FREE :-) Now I will get the flowers and make this project.. I love it

  5. Lanna Says:

    This is such a beautiful idea! I absolutely love having different ways to make a garden pop.

    Candace, have you ever heard the phrase ‘if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all’ ? Probably not, you clearly need to learn the meaning of that.

  6. Amy Says:

    Im wondering if there would be a good way to make this work indoors…. Im thinking herb garden for my kitchen. Any thoughts?

  7. mel Says:

    i love the look but how do you protect the dresser from rot?

  8. floridagirl Says:

    I think it is tacky, doesn’t look posh to me, looks rather garish, would make you look dare I say it? ..Poor. this being outside? NO.sorry but I just do not like it. Plants are much prettier in pots and such and furniture should be repaired/reused for its original purpose or salvaged and possibly broken up to use as art on the walls.

  9. Jesse Says:

    @Amy, hmm – I think you could do something like this inside if you wanted, but you’d need to line the drawers in a plastic, then maybe put gravel down, then have all your plants in small pots. Or long rectangular pots, so you wouldn’t have a rot issue. Also, herbs would need a good amount of light and sun – so find a window that lets it in!

  10. Andrea Says:

    Love the idea but how do you weather proof the dresser from rain. P.S. Candace and Floridagirl are beyond rude.

  11. techgirl791 Says:

    Love this idea. If you have a piece of furniture that has no PURPOSE and it is ready for the heap…re-purpose it. Recycle, Reuse! Love it.

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