How To Dye Easter Eggs Using Onion Skins And Leaves

Dying the Easter eggs with natural colorants is a cool and eco-friendly idea, and I’m sure that you have all the ingredients at hand. What about the pattern? If you take natural colorants, let’s make a natural pattern. You’ll need 4 eggs, onion skins, thin stockings, leaves, for example, of parsley and rosemary and butter. Cut the stockings into small pieces, rinse the eggs and apply a leaf to each one, put the stocking piece on and tie. At the bottom of the pan, put onion skins, then place the eggs and cover them with onions. Pour water and cook until eggs are dark brown (about 20 minutes). Leave to cool eggs in broth. Gently pull off the stockings. Dry and rub with butter. Enjoy!

Source: anyzkowo

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