DIY Pom Pom Ribbon Christmas Tree

There are many alternatives to a usual Christmas tree, and this is one more great and simple idea. The supplies are 3 yards of each pom pom trim in red, aqua, and apple green – all in 10 mm, a piece of white 12×12″ card stock, a glue gun. Take your 12×12 card stock and make a cone. Tie a string around a pencil, hold the end of the string in one corner and use it like a compass to draw from one corner to the next to get a pie shape. Take your pom pom trim and figure out an order of the colors. Start at the bottom and glue them down using your hot glue gun. Wrap it around, gluing a few spots along the way until you meet back to where you started. Glue right next to the raw edge and trim off the excess. Continue until you’re done. You can also make this craft together with your kids.

Source: cherishedbliss

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