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DIY Old Side Table Renovation With Reclaimed Wood

Wanna renovate your old side table into something cool? Here’s an idea for you. You’ll need some old distressed wood, spray paint and your old side table. First apply one coat of spray, take the trellis apart and cut it into 17″ pieces. Give the top of the table a good scrub and then lay it out to dry. Using Gorilla Glue glue each piece of wood onto the top of the side table. Let the natural colors of wood create their own pattern. Align the wood on the left side of the table, and if your cuts aren’t perfect.  After the glue was dries, use Dremel to make one clean cut to even out the edges. Next, gently sand the wood with an electric hand sander and then gave it 3 coats of Semi-Gloss Sealer. Enjoy!


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  1. viviana Says:

    Excellent! Very good work, congrats!

  2. amene Says:

    this website is exactly what i want!

  3. Timothy Ennis Says:

    The DIY tabletop is cool, but hey, try finding old wooden flooring. You’ll have to use your brain to find a source for it. But it’s worth it. Wooden flooring strips are cut with tongues and grooves. It is usually oak; but, could be anything from pine to Brazilian Rosewood. Because it’s tongue & groove, the individual pieces can be made to fit tight and secure. Use a rubber mallet and a solid backstop to re-fit loose pieces together. The top surface can be left in its “as found in” condition or sanded and re-sanded, waxed and polished, or painted with a clear coat to brighten it up. The outside edges will be your decision to treat as you see fit. Be careful for nails in any cutting you may need to do. Be prepared to sacrifice a blade or two. Quality stud-finders or, certainly, a metal detector could make the difference there though. Wear your safety glasses! The finished tabletop is an eye-catcher and always the conversation piece.

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