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DIY Mini Neon Lamps For Kids

Let’s make a craft for your kids and together with them – a mini neon lamp – your kids would be delighted! You’ll need some small pots with tops, neon bracelets and some decorations like these small monsters. First, break the bracelets into parts, put the neon sparkles into the pots, let them look just as drops because this way the effect would be cooler and the mix of colors would look more amazing. Now take a hot glue gun and close the top with it. Now put the photos onto the pots and enjoy! Your kids would be excited to see these pieces!

Source: estefimachado


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  1. Vic Says:

    Im wondering how does they even light up?!?

  2. Vic Says:

    Nevermind ahah:)

  3. sophie Says:

    Wow!!that is so cool where can I get that!?!?!?!

  4. Karen M. Says:

    So do you fill the bottle with plain water before attached the lid? And how long do they last?

  5. jennifer brando Says:

    how long will they last is the question ????

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