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DIY Makeup Vanity From IKEA Parts

If you search for a perfect makeup storage solution then a makeup vanity is what you need. Such solution also allows to sit, relax and do makeup. The cool thing is that you can make a cool vanity mostly of parts came from IKEA so it won’t be pricey. It will be compact, with the glass top that allows to see everything and with easy access to the makeup stuff.

For the project you’ll need four Vika Curry legs, an Ekby Gruvan shelf, a Kolja mirror, a stool, and acrylic bead storage containers. These things are more than enough to organize a perfect makeup storage. For more details visit msTapioca.


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  1. Vanessa Says:

    love it

  2. C.K. Says:


  3. Crystal Says:

    Where did u get the clear containers to neatly house the make up?

  4. Annie Says:

    Crystal–you can find the acrylic trays at Michaels in the bead and jewelry section or the craft section at Walmart. They come with clear jars so I just took them out and used them for other things.

  5. laura Says:

    Thank you so much for this amazing idea. I am going to start this project today! You are genius.

  6. Melissa Says:

    Wow wow wow!!!…this is such an AMAZING idea!!


  7. Lisa Says:

    I’M IN LOVE WITH THIS IDEA!!!!!!!!! This is going to be my weekend project. Thank you so much for sharing this fabulous idea!

  8. Karla Rodriguez Says:

    OMG! I want to make one so bad!! Im going to buy the supplies this weekend. I have a couple questions though, would it work if I bought the small shelf instead of the bigger one? And is it easy to drill the legs onto the shelf? Do I just use a drill? Thanks in advace!

  9. Mike Says:

    Yes it would work if the shelf would be the same but smaller. It’s really easy to drill the legs onto the shelf. Really =)

  10. Mel Says:

    How do I order this beauty

  11. key320 Says:

    i want to do this!! i need a makeup storage and vanity!!

  12. Wicked Cool Says:

    This would be fabulous for jewelry too!

  13. CHELSEA Says:

    What are you using on top of the vanity to hold the brushes & pencils etc?

  14. Kyenya Says:

    Where could I find that make up naked

  15. Beauty Expression Says:

    It not only looks lovely, but so organized and all your makeup is beautifully accessible. Kudos!

  16. Monique Says:

    What kind of material’s are the legs made of.

  17. Jean Says:

    I LOVE THIS! Can u tell me exactly how to order this? THank u so much!

  18. Vicki Says:

    @kyenya: makeup “naked” at Sephora or sephora.com.

  19. Danielle Says:

    Just wondering where the makeup brush and acrylic holder on top of the table came from? sorry if this question was previously answered!

  20. Vicki Says:

    Where did you find the glass for the top? This is amazing

  21. Mayra Says:

    Where did you get the glass for this?!!!

  22. Stephanie Says:

    Where did you find the glass for the top? Sid you also purchase it at Ikea?

  23. Megan M. Says:

    Hi I loved your DIY so much I made myself one! ;) Thanks for the idea, this is genius! I was wondering where did you get whatever you are using on top of the vanity to hold your brushes and other misc makeup stuff? Thanks in advance!

  24. Karin Says:

    Very neat & organized, looks like a display at a department store. I need to go to IKEA and look at some of their items.

  25. Frances Says:

    I love it how can I order one how much is the price.

  26. Amelia Says:

    Can you use any legs you want? I can’t seem to find the ones you used on the website.

  27. Cassandra Says:

    I made this last month. The parts were only available in black, but that worked better for me anyway. I love love love this!!! I had 3 large makeup cases that fit perfectly in there. Now I actually use what I have! Thank you so much for sharing! The entire thing, including the acrylic containers, stool and mirror cost me about 110 bux. A steal!

  28. Cassandra Says:

    Also, everyone asking about the glass… this particular IKEA shelf includes it.

  29. Nallely Says:

    Do you know how much wait it can hold? Because I made one but its floating.

  30. Mandy Says:

    My daughter and I had been looking for a make-up vanity for some time now. We didn’t find any we liked, until I saw the Ikea vanity. It was very easy to assemble. I think there’s a trend going on here because they were sold out of white and we wanted the black. However we are still pleased because it looks sharp and clean.

  31. Jinny Says:

    It is absolutely beautiful
    I love it!

  32. Kass Says:

    Awesome! :)

  33. Mariah Garcia Says:

    Where do I get all these parts?

  34. Sandy Alms Says:

    Where did you get glass from to fit this piece.

  35. Hannah Says:

    this was an awsome idea! xxx

  36. Taylor Says:

    I love my desk like that but mines black it is perfect but my collection is too big to just be housed in the desk so I keep my everyday makeup and some other necessities in it and my makeup in a 7 drawer tower.

  37. Chris Says:

    In lieu of the clear boxes, you could use trays made from acrylic box frames (the kind that come with cardboard inside). I use them for many different things around my house.

  38. Mr. Beauty Butler Says:

    This is super practical and works perfectly with Beauty Butler! Beautiful trays that will fit perfectly under the glass. When you gotta get ready on the go, take them with uou. http://www.getbeautybutler.com. ❤️❤️ watch the video, it’s quite funny!

  39. Mexicana mama Says:

    LOVE IT!!!

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