DIY Glitter Wooden Block Valentine Puzzles

Valentine’s Day stares in face and we can make a funny piece for this holiday that would excite your friends or kids. You’ll need wooden blocks, craft paint, Mod Podge, glitter in six colors, a heart template, a pencil, paint brushes, a muslin bag. Paint all your blocks whatever color you choose and let dry. Lay your heart template and lightly trace around it onto the wood. Apply Mod Podge within your traced line on each block, cover in glitter and tap, shake or brush off the excess. Let dry and add another layer of Mod Podge over just the glittered part of your block to seal the glitter. Repeat the same steps with other color glitters, let dry, package up in a cute, and also glitter adorned, muslin bag with a special note for your Valentine. Make someone happy with this piece!

Source: studiodiy

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